Thursday, June 16, 2011

Text message from my brother

My brother Will and I grew up being the best of friends so this is kinda of a sad time for me.

I just received this text message from him:

You're making a big deal out of something you wanted "I hope he hits me..." You said that multiple times. Well guess what you got what you wanted. "Losing your family". Really? Everyone is on your bloody side. That's not to say I'm on dad's side but lets talk about losing your family. You told me you tried to convince mom to divorce dad. Great, tear our family apart that way we really do lose our family. If that would happen I would never talk to you again. What would your mother do then? Move in with you. Ha. Lets picture this...CHURCH. You would want her out as soon as possible. You know your mother might be ignorant but your father sure as hell is not. He tried to raise us as "sons and daughters of God" but we all did other wise. Your father isn't stupid he knew what you and Nick did, he even knows about you and Jon before you got married and he saw Silvia going that way. That's why he got so mad. That doesn't excuse hitting us but its a way to understand his side. I'm not going to pick a side cause you're both f****d up and both to blame. Go ahead and get mad, don't talk to me for a while. The truth hurts. Regardless, much love.

Well he spoke his mind. There are some truths many times I did say that I hoped he would hit me cause I would hit him back but to hit me when I was down and not able to defend myself that's not right. I did most definitely tell my mother to divorce that monster and everyone knows it. I would even be willing to work full time to provide for her financially. No one should ever live in fear. It makes me sad she has never known true happiness. I guess there goes that relationship. I will never again be speaking to my brother. Sad day.

I still however have my amazing husband and son and think that I will somehow survive without him in it. What is the point of having family if they are not supportive right?

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Matt Willie said...

Laura! That is so sad! I hope things get better for you. At least you are looking on the bright side... You do have your husband and son. I hope that your brother will see where you are coming from and chose to forgive you and let you back in his life. My sister and I have alawys been the closest in the family and when she was going through her rebelious stage she cursed at my dad so bad that I slapped her accross the face! I have never hit anyone like that (or with that much anger)! She has finially come to the point of forgiving me and things were the same immediately. However, as we each have continued to go through our own lives and our own struggles our eyes were once again opened to how important that family relationship was! She and I are close once again. I am extremely grateful for this. Not everyone or every family is so lucky, but if not... The purpose of this life is to raise families and children unto the Lord. You still have your husband and your son. You have an amazing opportunity regardless of what happens with your brother, mother and the monster... You can give your son the life and treatment you wish you had. You can make sure all the things you wish were different in your life either don't occure in the life of your kids or they have better than what you were given! Stay positive! Continue to show your gratitude for all that you do have... and for you wonderful husband who sent you on a vacation to Vegas in a time where you had a lot on your plate. Take care... and may God bless you for your richeous desires!