Monday, June 13, 2011

Life goes on

When something tragic happens to you, I think, you always feel like how does life continue?

As year ago my best friend lost her precious Baby Jonas as a still birth. What a sad time this was for her and even for me to witness her go thru this. At the time I remember her saying that she felt like her life just couldn't go on and how she thought how in the world is everyone else's life moving on. It's so true you do feel this way.

After this happened to me, Jon's life continued. Bills still need to get paid so he has to go to work every day. Baby's life still goes on and he still needs his mami. In the last week he has been nothing but the perfect baby. He has even been sleeping in late and giving me some me time.

For the first few days I just stayed home and barely left but I have realized I cannot give anyone that much power over me. My life, other than whats happened, is pretty amazing. I have an amazing support group. And even more amazing group of friends who have done nothing more than worry about me and be sweet as can be. I am so grateful for every single one of them.

My best friend who I mentioned at the beginning of this post just had another precious little baby. I had to get down there as soon as I could to see him and oh my....what a sweet, handsome, angelic baby. He is so very much loved and has been wanted more than any other baby in the world I am sure. I consider myself a very lucky person to know her she is just amazing. The things she has been thru in her life are things that normally no one deals with but to deal with everything she has combined is just amazing the woman she has become. She is just such a great example to me of the woman I want to become. While at her house she told me something that I will forever remember. She said her therapist told her this, that it is okay to be happy and sad at the same time. I am glad she told me this cause for a long time I have felt like I can either be happy or sad but not both at the same time.

I do love my life and I know that I will be fine. I just want to thank everyone who has shown me support. You have all been amazing! I do have some great group of people in my life.

I will continue to just focus on the good in my life cause there is tons of good things in my life.

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