Thursday, October 27, 2011

Weight gain

Baby has gained 2 pounds!


I am so excited. He was stuck at 24-25 pounds for almost a year and finally 2 days ago he got on the scale and he is now at 27 pounds.

I know it sounds weird that I am excited about his weight gain but when even the doctors were starting to get worried this is a really good thing.

Car accident

Well yesterday while Jon was on his way home from the store to pick Baby and I up, he got in a car accident.

Super scary!

A guy ran a red light and we believe it had to do with him texting. Jon wasn't able to stop in time and hit the guy. It totaled our car. Thank goodness nothing too serious happened to Jon. Jon had 2 witnesses who saw that Jon had a green light and then other guy ran a red light plus there were other witnesses who talked to the cops so the guy in the other car got a citation for failure to stop at a red light.

The other guy though wasn't as lucky as Jon. He wasn't wearing a seat belt so he was unconscious when the police got there and was taken to the hospital by an ambulance.

By late evening I took Jon to the hospital with a massive headache and some back and knee pain. If my husband says he is in pain its serious cause he is never in pain and I have seen him come close to cutting a finger and act like nothing happened.

We ended up having to pay for the car rental yesterday and the hospital bill and when money is tight that is no fun. However this morning we got good news from the other guys insurance that they are taking full liability of the accident and they already called the car rental and are having them return the deposit to us and they are paying to everything.

Now we just sit and wait to see if the car is really totaled, which we think it is, or if they are going to try and fix. Either way I am sad about my car but that's life.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Baby needs friends

I am going to have to get out and try to make friends with some mom who has children around Baby's age.

He loves other kids and loves playing with other little ones.

Its so hard around here. The kids at the playground here are super mean. I had one horrible experience and it left me traumatized and I said never again will we go out there while I know kids are there. Jon can take him I just won't. I don't do well with my child being treated bad.

Since we don't go to church then I don't know any of the LDS ladies around here. Not like I knew them when I did go, they are kinda not friendly. I really do not know what to do but I am starting to think preschool is my only option here. Only problem is money is tight. Don't you just hate that? Being broke but oh well that's part of life so until I can afford preschool I will just have to take him to playground around the area and hope there are other little ones there.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


I have been waiting a long time for this.

Finally it looks like Baby is interested in painting and coloring and I am so happy.

We have been painting almost every day for the past little while. Only problem is my kitchen is now covered in his art work cause I cannot bring myself to throw things out. I am so silly, I know. I am thinking of putting some in frames and giving it to the grandparents for Christmas.

I love seeing him paint. Its one of my favorite things to do with him.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Hanging out

Since Jon started school, baby and I spend most of the day just hanging out him and I. We tend to get bored since his only friend left. So we just take tons of goofy pictures of us and most mornings are spend being lazy. I like it just that way but I am sure he doesn't.

Here are some pictures from the other day while hanging out.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I think we have a photographer in the making.

Baby has been enjoying walking around the house and taking pictures. Most pictures are of his toys, the floor, his feet, the animals or his fingers but it makes me laugh to see what he captures. It is kinda frightening when I see him with my camera so I know have to keep my camera hidden well. We do allow him to take pictures with Jon's phone.

Maybe some day soon it will start to look like Jon and I spend time together in pictures cause I'll get Baby to take some of us whenever we are out.

This picture I had no idea about until I unloaded the pictures onto my computer. I think its super funny. This is one Baby must have gotten the other night.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Last play date

Baby and his best friend had their last play date about a month ago but since I haven't posted lately I figure I needed to catch up.

I love these 2 together. Baby loves her and would always ask for her to come play or for him to go over there to play.

I was a mess that day. I too had to say bye to my really good friend Erika. She was my first friend I made out here and I love her. We have had so much fun the last year and a half.

Her husband found a job in the Philippines and so they will be living there for about 4 years. I am hoping we can see them at least once a year when they come back to visit.

Here are some cute pictures of our cute kiddos.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weight watchers

A while ago a friend of mine had told me she was on weigh watchers and explained to me how it works. I told Jon about it since he wants to lose weight and he seemed interested but not enough.

Since the beginning of summer he has lost 20 pounds from biking everywhere but winter is coming soon and he knew biking would not be biking for a few months. So 2 weeks ago he text me while he was at school and tells me he signed up for weight watchers. I was super happy that he decided to do it.

It is super easy to do weight watchers and I have found a great website with yummy weight watchers friendly recipes. He started it right away and so far has lost 8 pounds since starting it. Woohooo! I am so proud of Jon. It is not easy losing weight, especially when you love food as much as we do.

I also started doing it with him to support him and to lose some weight before the holidays when I normally gain around 10 pounds from all the yummy food. Once I get down to the weight I want then I just go into their maintenance phase. I have never done a diet like this. I eat a ton of stuff just not any junk food.

Anyways we will see how the rest of the year goes with this for us.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Potty training

In the spring time this year it seemed like Baby was ready to be potty trained but let's be honest...ummmm....I wasn't.

Is that horrible or what?

Anyways back then I said I would just wait till the fall when we were stuck inside all the time to do it. Well once the fall started I still didn't want to have to do it but we all know as adults we have to do things we don't want so here I am in the mist of potty training.

I started first just having him in underwear during the day while we were home but if we went out or took a nap then I would put a diaper on. I did that for about 3 weeks but nothing else was happening and no progressing so 4 days ago I decided no more diapers during the day, period.

The first day went really well, we had no accidents at all. I did have to ask most of the time if he needs to go and if he does he will say yes. A few times he to,d me himself he had to go "pee pee" and grabbed his thing, haha.

The second day went pretty smooth except for one accident late in the day when he was at the mall with Jon and was having too much fun at the playground. Jon said he stopped moving and Jon knew immediately so he ran to the bathroom but it was too late. He even pooped in the big boy potty in the morning which was amazing since we are having problems with pooping. He will hold it all day until the second we put his diaper on to go to bed.

The third day went great too. He used the potty all day long but again at the mall he had an accident. I knew he needed to go pee but when I took him to the bathroom he refused to go so we walk around and not even 5 minutes later he peed himself.

Today is day number 4 and so far so good other than him pooping in his diaper befor I took it off but we will see how the day goes.

I have decided though that even if it mean I have to do laundry every other day he is no longer wearing a diaper during the day. I am super excited about this but at the same time I cannot believe he is growing so fast. I have to admit I am a little sad but oh well that is life.

Monday, October 10, 2011


I made my second quilt and this one didn't take me as long as my first one.

I had all the material I used for it. I bought the material about a year ago and didn't know what to do with it but I knew some day I would use it.

My sister-in-law came across a pattern for a quilt just like it and she made one for my niece and I fell in love with it so decided to use that material to make one for Baby.

I love how colorful it turned out. Baby is in love with is and will not allow anyone else to use it but him.

Now whenever I go to the fabric store he always finds what he likes and tells me that I need to pay for it. He is too funny and way too smart.