Monday, December 31, 2012

California trip

Since we are unemployed and on the verge of nervous breakdowns we decided might as well drive to California and have them in warmer weather.

We were there for 19 days and they were glorious!

We got to have some real quality time with grandma and mom-mom mainly. We hung out with them pretty much every single day and I am so glad we did this. Jon also watched his grandma at night which I think she loved because the few nights he didn't do it she was not a happy camper with whoever else did the night shift. I saw my husband do things for his grandma that I never imagined seeing him do and it made me fall deeper in love with this man. I truly married one amazing guy and he just keeps on showing me reasons why he is the best.

We spend Christmas there and Bentley got to enjoy having some quality time with all of his cousins. Everyone drove in to spend the holidays together which is always a crazy fun time.

We swam, ate yummy food, went to a few parties, had lunch with grandma every day, went hot tubbing, went to a street fare, met our new niece, took the boys to a day at the park, played games at night, had a wedding, celebrated 2 birthdays, went to the casinos twice and so much more that I cannot remember this late at night.

Bentley got to have 2 date nights with mom-mom, got completely spoiled for Christmas, got stuck watching girly movies during the cousin sleepover, ran more laps around Meme's house than I thought possible, got to take showers in a huge shower, went swimming every day, caught the flu, cried a lot, missed home and his animals, fed ducks, ran around the Marriott while playing tug, rode his bike, tried more food than he ever has, ate more than ever before and so much more.

I got to have some girl talk with all the girls in the family, got spoiled and went to the spa, got an amazing facial, went out to dinner for a girls night while, went wedding dress shopping for my new sister-in-law, got left and forgotten at the mall by mom, felt like a teenager again, ate yummy grapefruits and so much more.

Honestly we were so busy the whole time, on the go every day. Thank goodness.

We all had a blast like we always do. We never want to come home but such is life and we are not trust fund babies no matter how bad we wish we were so back to reality to figuring out what we are going to do with our lives.

I know the Lord is watching us and knows our needs so I am trying to not freak out.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


We are now unemployed.

Sad day.

Now I know what it feels like.

The panic hasn't set in just yet.

I am afraid of what will happen when it does.

It is a scary thing to have to go through specially when neither of us have a college degree. Thank goodness that will change come May as Jon will be graduating, thank the Lord. So there is some hope there.

Since Jon is graduating in May and there is no job prospects we have decided to go sell security alarms this next summer. Crazy! My husband swore he would never do it but desperate times call for desperate measures. We will be selling for Vivint which is actually a pretty awesome company. I have a friend who has been working for them for a few years and I am certain he makes well over 6 figures. I am not at all expecting us to do that by all means but we are used to living off of a little amount of money so I just pray we can make the amount we have in mind. We actually had 2 teams trying to recruit Jon which was pretty interesting. Not sure we went with the right team but I guess we will find out this summer.

We will find out in January to what city we will be heading to come May. We will sell until August and then we do not know what we will be doing but we are not thinking that far in advance because with the luck we have had the last few months we figure we just cannot plan on anything going our way.

Well I always wanted an adventure and to get to live somewhere else with my husband so here it goes right?

Life sure is crazy.

I am trying to stay as positive as possible as not to have a mental breakdown cause in the last month I have honestly felt like I was on the verge of one. Positivity is a good thing and has kept me feeling calm so has praying like a crazy woman. I tell you my Heavenly Father sure is listening to me. At this point I am not asking for much just for me to feel peace.

So here goes to selling for Vivint!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pizza restaurant no more

After 4 years of my husband and I being business owners we had to close our pizza restaurant down. Probably one of the hardest things we have ever done. So much money went into that store, so many hours spend there, so many memories.

We were having to put in more money into the business to keep it afloat then we were able to take out plus we were working like slaves. I was there constantly and any free moment my husband had he was there too.

Can I just say that it is not an easy thing to do. Having to tell your employees who I just loved so much and having to tell your food guy, yeah not an easy task. I handled the employees while my husband handled telling the food guy. I am so heart broken from it all. 

The last month we were open we went through most of our savings thinking we would be able to get it back if I just worked more hours but sadly we weren't. 

Our last week was so hard. We were expecting to close our store down on the 22nd of December however the week before that our ovens started acting up and then our computer system crushed after the system did an update and we had to make the choice to shut down that weekend. Seeing your regular customers coming by and not being able to tell them you were closing or saying goodbye because we thought we still had one more week, broke my heart. I grew to love so many of our regulars. Sitting here typing this brings tears to my eyes. 

Our last day ended up being on the 15th of December and my husband and I were the only ones that worked it. The longest day of my life, no joke!

Funny story with this, we were having to buy food from Sam's club which is not that great of quality so some pizzas were clearly not coming out as they normally did. As I am probably having one of the hardest days I get a lady call and tell me how horrible our pizza is and how she will never come back and will tell everyone. I simply told her not to worry because that will no longer be an option for anyone, she didn't even know what to say. 

The last stacks of pizza I will ever sell

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Day of giving

Well we are going through some really hard times financially, mentally, emotionally actually every way you can imagine. Life is just pretty hard at the moment. I will update more on this maybe on then next post however I decided that I HAVE  to make myself look at the positive things in my life which I have many of in my life.

During this Christmas time a lot of people are struggling we are not the only ones so I needed to forget about myself and stop having a self-pitty party so I figured a way to do that was by service. I came up with the idea of asking everyone in my family to donate food or money towards making some packages to give to some families around us that I know are financially struggling.

Can I just say that I love my family! Everyone jumped on board with me. Even my husband allowed me to donate some money that would have come in pretty handy for us but he knows I love doing things like this and helping others. It's what makes me the happiest in life. I rather not eat a few meals and help someone else.

We were able to get enough money to buy a good amount of food and make 6 boxes to give to these families.

I had my family join me in helping me wrap the boxes and filling them up. We had such a fun night doing this and knowing someone would have a little bit of extra food this month. I think I have started a  tradition that I will continue and hopefully grow into something big.

We do truly need to get lost in service and we would all just be so much more happier about ourselves and life in general.

I am certain this alone helped keep me calm and reminding me that there are others out there who are struggling worse than us so I needed to my dwell in my situation.