Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bentley in the month of May

Well we are finally settled in and trying to enjoy California to the fullest. 

We have ventured to the park near the house a few times, even though we have to sit under the shade most of the time because of the heat. We bring lots of water bottles to make it through our park trip. At first I thought it would be fun to take him so he could play with other children and that was a BIG disappointment because there are no children here. In the few times we have ventured to the park we have only seen 2 children there and none were friendly at all. One didn't even speak english or spanish and the other one was with his mom and I am pretty sure they were homeless, whenever Bentley went over to say hello the mom told the little boy not to respond. That confuses Bentley as to why someone would not want to talk to him. Poor guy.

We have gone on bike rides by Mimi's house. He likes to ride his tricycle to go feed the birds by the hotel. He has started to climb trees which is fun to watch since I remember as a little girl how much I enjoyed climbing tree and jumping off of them.

We have also gone to the lake house which we love doing and enjoy to the fullest. Good memories there since that's where Jon and I were married so its always a blast to take Bentley there and have him make good memories at the same place Jon and I were married. He loves to play in the sandbox, plays with the trucks, dig holes and just relax on other peoples hammocks. 

This month has really been full of fun memories. We are getting spoiled by everyone but specially Bentley he is getting so spoiled. Everyone just loves him to pieces and give him a lot of attention which I am so grateful for and it sure is making this move a little bit easier on my precious boy.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pool Days

This is what we do every day all day long.

The days here are HOT!

And when I say hot I don't mean in the 80's or 90's I mean well over the 100's. Like my sister-in-law said when there is a day that the temperature is less than 100 that's good day to be outdoors other than that you are in a pool or indoors.

I know that the temperature will get even higher are the we get more into the summer months so I am trying to enjoy this as much as possible. Right now the water is refreshing but I know that won't last long.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finally here

We made it!

We are finally in California and its been a long time coming.

I could not be happier to get to spend the summer with family and for them to get to know us all a little bit better. 

This will be one of the best summers ever, I just know it.

I was so excited there were tangerines in the trees but that was short lived as they are all dried out from the heat, boooo. 

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Last days in Utah

The last few days in Utah were extremely busy. 

Jon had his finals and while he was studying or taking them I was packing like a mad woman. Thank the heavens above I had great help when it came to Bentley. 

During lunch breaks or at night time we had our last play dates before the big moving day. I wanted to make sure we got in as much play time with Bentley's best friend Braelee. These two were always asking about each other and I knew they would miss each other very much. I also had to get in one last play date with his friend Chewy, they are so cute together.

My brothers would also come by and play with Bentley to get there last minute fix of Bentley time as from now on it will be only a few times a year. 

So sad to be leaving such great friends and family but excited for what the future holds for us.