Tuesday, January 31, 2012


I refuse to join a gym or pay a personal trainer both get too expensive for what our budget is but I still need to get some exercise back in my life.

I am back to my pre-marriage weight but things don't look the same. Specially my tummy and bummy area. I am sure any mommy can relate.

I ran for about a year and that's when my body was in the best shape. So I am starting to think that this is what I need to start doing again to get to good shape. Plus Jon offered to buy me some running shoes and clothes to start and that if I really like it he will buy me even more clothes, haha.

I am going to sign up for a 5k in March so then I have something to train for. We will see how this goes but I hope by posting it online I have to follow through with it.

Monday, January 30, 2012


Whatever bug I had on Saturday must have been a 24 hour bug or something cause by yesterday afternoon I felt totally fine. Well until later at night and then my headache came back but i just took some NyQuil and was out quick.

I must have sounded pretty bad Saturday night though cause my mom came over on Sunday to help me out by cleaning and cooking for me. She made me chicken soup which was yummm. My brother also came over to help with Baby.

I was so grateful for their help because I was able to get tons of rest which I really think helped.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


That's what I felt like yesterday!

I woke up at my normal 6 o'clock hour and I could not get out of bed so I changed my alarm for 7:30am. When the alarm went off I woke up and felt like I had gone out the night before and danced all night. To add to it I felt like TI had a hangover. Worse feeling ever. So my whole body hurt, I have a massive headache and was completely nauseous.

I thought it couldn't get worse...but it did. I must have had a high deer cause I was shaking nonstop for about 2 hours straight. During those 2 hours I sweat more than I probably have my whole life. To make things better Jon had work so I was left to handle Baby.

A miracle happened though cause this boy was amazing yesterday. He gave me no problems and just did whatever I asked of him. He lived off of gold fish and Quaker rice cakes and watched all his favorite movies all day as I went in and out of consciousness.

Honestly I felt horrible and I haven't felt like that in years.

I am hoping for a better day today.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Last night

Well after having a good morning for the most part we came back home and Baby took a nap. After nap time it was back to his way or the highway. Honestly what has gotten into this child? I am so confused since this hasn't really happened before so in the last few days I don't even know what to do.

I had work last night so I left for work soon after his nap and Jon took over. When I get home he seemed to be ok for about 10 minutes after that he wanted Jon to play catch with him but he wanted Jon to lay a certain way and catch the ball a certain way too and when Jon said no that he would catch it from where he was at that was more than reason to lose it. He kept on trying to give more orders to everyone in the house.

I decided shortly after that that it was time to start quiet time in bed to get him to calm down. Thankfully he went to the room all on his own. After that the rest of the night went smoothly and within the hour he was asleep.

I truly do love my precious angel. I think we have probably been so spoiled by him being so good that when he starts acting out a little bit I panic.

Well today is a new day and a new chance to have a fantastic day.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Last night was a hard night to say the least. Baby was having a super hard time and I failed as a mother. After talking to my sweet and wonderful mother-in-law late last night I felt re-energized for today and was determined to make today a good day. Baby thrives on a schedule and I have known this for a long time but when you become a working mom it's hard to keep to a schedule specially when my days are all different.

Last night I decided that I will start every day the same exact way t the same exact time. I will also make sure I am spending one on one time with Baby on a regular without there being any distractions. Anyways I will also try some other things in hope of avoiding conflict.

This morning went smoothly with the new schedule and we had no melt downs which was something new. Baby had been asking us to take him to the movies to see the chipmunks so we decided today was a good day since I don't have work till late. He had a ball at the movies.

It's been a good day!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bread making

I am so behind on blogging that I will have to do Christmas at another time.

For now I'll just talk about what I have been doing a lot of lately.

I have come across a few blogs that have some amazing and really easy bread recipes and so I really have fallen in love with making my own bread. Baby seems to eat more of it when I make it too so that's a win win situation.

I have been trying to make our weeks worth of bread on Sunday's. I normally make just 2 loaves of honey whole wheat bread but today I felt like having French bread and white sandwich bread. They turned out amazing. The best part is I know have enough bread for probably a week and a half.

I get most of my recipes from the frugal girl. I can't remember right now the other site I look at but frugal girl has a bunch of bread recipes.