Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a crazy busy day.

I opened up at the store and it was a busy day there. I was hoping to get out by 4 however that didn't happened so we were of course running late. We dressed him up at my moms so they could see him in his costume.

We finally made it to his cousins house about 90 minutes later. We immediately went trick-or-treating. My child knocked on 6 doors and called it quicks. He said it was too spooky. He is so funny.

This was perfect though since he only got a little bit of candy so I won't have to throw it out since I can just give him one a day and be done within a few weeks.

He had too much fun with his cousins playing that when it was time to leave to go have a sleep over at his friends house he wanted nothing to do with that.

All in all one of the best halloweens so far. Oh it did help that the weather was perfect.

More pictures to come once I get them off my camera.

Sunday, October 28, 2012


I feel like all children are bipolar.

Really, they are, it's my conclusion.

My child can go from super happy to full on tantrum in a matter of second and then back to happy like nothing ever happened. 


I am not sure how one does this.

Now I can go from happy to crazy in a matter of seconds but I haven't quite master the going back to happy like my child has. 

Example: today we are trying to my moms house and he is all happy talking to me while we listened to some music that was on very low. Out of no where, instead of asking me to change the song because he doesn't like it, he flips and starts screaming, yelling, crying and trying to get out of his car seat because the music was making his "ears bleed" not kidding. Then after what seemed like forever but I am sure was only a few seconds maybe a minute he was completely back to my normal child singing and talking to me like nothing ever happened. What!?!?!? 

I am left so confused after episodes like this and leave me with too many questions.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Things to know about owning a business

In owning a business I have learned many things.

First off, props to any business owner. It is the hardest job in the world, honestly.

I will never again become a business owner as long as I live.

From now on when someone asks me or says they want to become a business owner this will be my advice.

Be prepared to ruin your credit and by ruin I truly mean RUIN it. Like you will not be buying a house or car for years. Next if you are married it can cause major marriage problems. And last your mental state might suffer.

Now not all those things might happen to you but at least one will. My husband and I have had 2 of those things happen to us but every business owner we know of has experienced one or all of these things.

I normally don't tell people we are business owners because for the most part people automatically think "they have money" which is far from where we find ourselves.

I just recently had someone who does not own a business tell me that being a business owner is the easiest thing on the planet. It took everything in me not to smack him. I also feel like I am a dream killer by telling people all the negatives but honestly unless you open up a Mcdonald's you will struggle.

Friday, October 26, 2012

ADD meds

My husband has now been on ADD medication for a few months and it's amazing the difference.

Yesterday he forgot to take till a little bit later in the day which only makes for insomnia and having tons of energy late at night. Add that to my husband being a hilarious person on a normal basis and let me just tell you I didn't stop laughing all night.

He decided to carve his pumpkin while I was still awake. However I wake up this morning to a picture text of the other pumpkin he carved after I went to bed.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I have to share a story.

Owning a restaurant you see a lot of crazies. I swear people would like to think you are out there running a charity and not a business.

My favorite this week was an older lady who comes in asking about our $2.99 pizza. First of all we have ne'er sold our pizza for $2.99. We normally sell our pizza for $5 and a few months ago we dropped the price to $3.99 to try and get more business. Well food price has gone up so we had to bring the price back up. Mind you we have signs all over the store explaining to people that our prices are back up. So here walks in this lady asking for a $2.99 pizza. I kindly let her know that we have never sold pizza for $2.99, we did sell it for $3.99 but just like the sign said that I watch her read before coming in the price is back up to $5. She was clearly not happy about the dollar increase and let me know about it. Then she ask me what kind f pizzas were $5 I let her know a pepperoni or cheese. So then she tells me to give her a sausage I let her know that would be $5.99 well she lost it. "are you serious? Why so expensive? This is just ridiculous and a rip off"

Honestly I was dying laughing inside. People are so damn cheap sometimes. I really see people yell at us all the time over a dollar difference on their pizza. I am actually glad this woman left my store cause she was a mess.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Our business is not doing okay.

Who knows how much longer we will be open.

We have known this for sometime now and decided plan B needed to be put in place. Here is where the LSAT comes in. My husband has decided to graduate with an Economics degree and take the LSAT and apply for law school.

This has been a lot for me to take in and I am constantly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. About 3 weeks ago he went in and took the LSAT which has has been studying for 2-3 months for. We are crossing every finger and body part imaginable and praying like crazy that he did well in it. Our future depends on this one test, how silly is that but its so true.

We have our eyes set on multiple schools, most of which are in Southern California and one in Utah. This means unless a miracle happens and he gets into the law school at the U of U, we are making a HUGE move. Hundreds of miles away from what we have known as home since we've been married.

So much more than just this is going on, our lives at the moment are crazy to say the least. I feel like I am on a roller coaster with my emotions. They go from happy to sad to completely freaked out.

In about a week we will know the test results. I can only pray they turned out good enough.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Opposite of hoarding

Since we have less than 2 months before we have to leave this apartment I have started throwing thins out. Every day, if I have time, I go thru one area in the house.

This has upped my crazy, as my husband would say.

My husband is a little bit of a hoarder and I have the opposite problem. I won't say much but then one day I will snap and then throw everything in my way out. This normally happens about once a month however it have been happening about every other day. I have already given away at least 4 bags of my own personal stuff and about 4 of Bentley's things. However my dear husband for some reason just cannot let go of some things. I lie to you not, he has clothes in his closet that he has had since we got married and not once have I seen him wear but for some reason if I even mention giving them away it's enough for an argument. I gave up on that battle the other day.

However the other day while he wasn't home I went a little nuts and threw out more stuff than I should have cause now I can't find my computer charger, hard drive charger along with some other chargers. This made for a huge "I don't you so" from my husband after I was trying to download all my pictures onto the hard drive.

It's amazing though how much junk we have in this house.

This week I am hoping to go through the laundry area and kitchen. Hopefully the kitchen will start feeling less clutter soon. I should have done this a long time ago.

Friday, October 12, 2012


We gave our 2 month notice here at our apartment.

Sad day!

I have truly enjoyed living here but it is time to move on. We need to save money like crazy in the next 8 months before our big move.

Life sure is crazy and it takes you down paths you never thought you would have to go down but such is life and we are just learning to make the best out of it. There will be something out of all of this that we need to learn and I think we slowly are.

So now I start going through the house and throwing trash out like a mad woman. That is my favorite thing to do.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Quality time

This week has been horrible....

We were stressed out beyond breaking point. Jon had 2 midterms along with him taking the LSAT today. Jon's schedule along with mine which was working every single day from anywhere between 8-9am to 6-9pm. Thank goodness for amazing family who stepped in and helped care for Mookie if not it would not have been possible.

However that left no time for Mookie. I feel horrible. By this morning he was acting up a ton in the hopes of probably getting my attention. Poor guy. Finally after a long day at work, I took an energy drink to be able to handle what was waiting for me at home. Sure enough he was a ball of energy, crazy crazy! I prayed all night for me to have the patience to deal with it all and somehow pulled it off. He joined me at the supermarket and we talked the whole time about silly things. He was a perfect little guy. Then we got home made some hot chocolate with marshmallows and did some puzzles. He had a blast just laying on the floor helping me and to be honest so did I.

It's the simple things in life that make my life so meaningful. I am glad I was able to have that time with him and reconnect. Love that boy more than I will ever be able to tell/show him.