Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas in Cali

For Christmas we went to California to spend it with my husbands family. There was one moment that really made it worth it and that was on the last day other. Grandpa (which is not my grandfather but my husband grandfather) has dementia so he is not himself anymore. For most of the time he says things that are funny or not appropriate but nonetheless I love him. I never knew him when he was healthy but he was a well respected doctor (who even treated Elvis Presley) and he was very respectful towards people and everyone that knew him loved him. Now he can't control what he does and says. Right before we left their house I went into his room and gave him a kiss, told him I loved him and that next time I see him I am going to be a mom and that Jon and I are having the first boy in the family. For about a minute when he talked to me he was himself and he said, "Honey congratulations, if that boy looks anything like you he is going to be the cutest baby" and then I said to him "Grandpa if he looks and is half of what you are he will be the most amazing baby" he just looked at me and said "Thank you, your going to be such a great mom and I love you" I get all teary cause he doesn't have moments like that too often. That has actually been the first time that he has actually said something in his normal voice and actually meant it. He seemed to be with it for just that little moment. I will forever cherish that moment. I hope that Bentley can know what a great person he was.

All the Doulas kids.
Gosh isn't my sister so gorgeous, I think she should be a model.

The hubby and I.

Baby Shower!

While I was in Philly my mom and her friend threw me a baby shower. It was so much fun. I have never been to one before so I didn't know what to expect but it was a lot of fun. I invited some of my friends and my mom invited some of the people that I like the most from the branch. Out of my friends only one showed up which turned out to be good cause everyone from the branch that was invited was hispanic or spoke spanish and my one friend that showed up is from Colombia so it was perfect. I was really glad to see my friend, her name is Paola and she was my dear friend the last 2 years of high school. I hadn't seen her in about 4 years so I was super excited to see her and hopefully I can be a better friend and stay in touch with her this time. Also Silvia (not my sister but a good family friend) came to the shower, I hadn't seen her in a few years either but since she loves me so much she came to it. We played some fun games at the shower and I got some good advice from all the sisters from the branch. I also got A LOT of gifts for Bentley. I was so happy to get all those gifts. It just made me feel like there are people excited and happy for me. My family got me a tons of clothes for Bentley too and really cute clothes at that. 

Everyone that came to the shower.
One of the many gifts I got.
This is our family friend Silvia, I love her!
And this is my good friend Paola, isn't she beautiful?

Got to go to Philly for Thanksgiving

Ok so before I tell you about my Philly trip it has been a long, long time since I have written on her, so I'll tell you a few things. We found out we are having a baby boy and we are super happy about that not that a girl wouldn't have been great but both of us wanted a boy, it worked out for the both of us. We have now had 2 ultrasounds and the baby seems to be doing well. Oh we have picked out a name for our baby it is Bentley Steven Doulas. I love the name! Not too many of our family members do but we don't care cause Jon and I love the name. My best friend Jen has moved back to Utah and I am super happy to have her back. I have dearly missed her. Now I just need to make more of an effort to see her often. I know that Bentley and her little boy are going to be good friends. My brother will who is on a mission got transfered and he actually only lives 5 minutes from me so I get to see him often. I know I shouldn't and all that good stuff but the mission president knew that I lived here and he still put him here so oh well. I have seen him on the streets walking or he has come into the store to get free pizzas or I go and drop food and things off for him and his companion. I am actually loving having him close by. I'll enjoy it while it last. So I think those are all the major things that have happened.

Now about my lovely Philly trip, I got to go back home for almost 2 weeks. They were the best 2 weeks. Other than the fact that I missed my husband but I sure as heck did not miss all the drama back here. I had the most relaxing time back home it was wonderful. I got to sleep in and wake up to my mom's amazing cooking. I didn't have to do anything but eat my mom's food that I have so much missed and lay around all day. My dad was also off from work the whole time I was there which worked out great cause we got to do a lot of talking and hanging out. Gosh I really miss my family. Its funny how you sometimes need to be apart from them to really realize how much they mean to you. My parents are the most amazing people on earth, I think. I got lucky with them. Ok so my mom didn't know I was coming to Philly it was a surprise. My dad knew cause he had to pick me up but mom knew nothing. When I got home I knocked on the door and she opened it and just stood there forever looking at me like I was a ghost and then finally she started screaming and gave me a huge hug. We got to have Thanksgiving together after 3 year of not being together for it. Of course Will was very much missed but he is doing something amazing with his life. I got to hang out with Aaron a bit which is always good and of course I got to spend some time with Silvia not as much as I would have wanted to but she had to work. I also got to see my friend Mare who has a special place in my heart and specially her daughter Jordan who I babysat for about a year or more. I was so happy to get to see them and since she now has another daughter I got to see her all grown. Its always good to go back home cause I have so many good memories.

My brother Aaron and I out front my parents house
My dad and I decorating the Christmas tree, every one else was not in the Christmas mood.
Out getting the Christmas tree.
Silvia and I painting some onesies for Bentley.
We are at Penn's Landing.