Wednesday, September 21, 2011


My first fully finished quilt!

And it only took me 2 years to finish it...

I feel so happy I was able to finish a quilt.

When I showed Baby the quilt he said "mami I likey, it's pretty, mine?" That boy of mine is truly amazing.

It's not perfect but it is my first quilt and I love it.

Now it's time to start on my next quilt, the next one will be more of a unisex one.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I love my child

As of late I am really enjoying being his mom.

I always have loved being his mami but lately he is just so stinkin cute, I swear I just wanna eat him up.

He says the funniest things and is such a loveable child.

He has been every single day been giving me kisses nonstop and telling me he loves me all day long. I cannot get enough of this.

I am really hoping this last a while but in the mean time I am just going to take it all in and enjoy it as much as I can.

He is growing so fast it makes me sad sometimes cause pretty soon I won't have him all to myself all the time.

Baby's little girlfriend is leaving us. I am so sad about this because that means I too am loosing a really good friend. They are moving to the Philippines for a few years her husband found an amazing job with an American company. They will have an amazing time out there living in paradise and I am not even joking about that I have seen the pictures and holy cow I think Jon needs to try and get that job once he is done with it.

Anyways, we took Baby and his little friend on a play date to the train station and we had a blast. I took a bunch of pictures because I want to remember them together and how cute they are. When they come back to the states she will be about 7 years old so I wanted to remember them this little.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Baby has been such a good behaved little boy lately.

I just love being his mom!

I have been having some rough emotional day lately and I try to have those emotional moments either at night or during nap times so that he doesn't see me sad.

However he must know something is up because he has been such a funny little man. He makes me laugh most of the day.

He has been talking more and more. The things he says or comes up with are shocking and his little attitude is kinda cute right now. I am sure as he gets older it won't be so cute but right now it's making my days.

He is also using his imagination so much lately and I cannot get enough of it. We play super heroes all day long. We also play dinosaurs where they are coming to get us and we are able to hide from them.

I am so loving this stage in my little ones life.

Honestly I love nothing more than being his mama!

Saturday, September 3, 2011


I was finally able to get an appointment to go see a therapist who won't try to rob me financially.

I know I need therapy but paying $75 for a 30 minute session just seems a little extreme for me.

I had my first session on the 1st of September and my mom is paid for it however I know she has not told my father that she is doing this and that to me says a lot about him and where he is at right now that my own mother won't tell him how I wanted them to pay for my therapy sessions. Oh well there's nothing I can do about that.

I really liked the therapist and the first sessions was just all over the place but he really got me thinking with some things about my life which is good because they were things I had never thought of before.

From here on out I probably won't be posting too much about that part of my life because I have decided I will keep a personal journal while dealing with it all. No one really wants to hear about my depressing life.

Anyways I do think that therapy is going to help me be able to forgive my father and help me with being able to be happy with every aspect in my life. I know nothing will be perfect cause nothing ever is but I can be happy with imperfection where right now I am not and I bring myself down when I am not perfect in everything.