Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today is my dads birthday so we surprised him last night with a dinner party. I decided a few weeks ago it would be Mexican food. I cooked some tacos al pastor and made a 7 layer dip. Then my mom made some other yummy food and everything was so yummy. I even made a cake for him which turned out to be really good. I was worried since for the last birthday party we had the cake turned out horrible we couldn't even cut it cause it was so hard. This one was really soft and moist and the best part was that everyone loved it. It was a vanilla cake with raspberry filling and cream cheese cool whip frosting. We had so much fun. For the first time in a long time I got a hug from my dad. It made me feel so good, so it was a good night. Here are some pictures:

Monday, January 24, 2011

Baby's day with Tito and Tita

I was nervous as to how Baby was going to do with his grandparents since this was the first time he has EVER gone anywhere without me or Jon.

My parents came and as soon as Baby saw my dad he run up to him and gave him a big hug, my mom on the other hand he was kinda not sure about but before he left he was good with her. I got him situated and he was totally fine until he realized I was not coming with him. Then he started crying. I run up the stairs so he wouldn't see me as they were pulling away.

My mom says he only cried for a few minutes but then asked for the movie to be put on and then he was fine. He had a blast at Chuck E Cheese and my parents had fun with him. My mom was so happy she could not stop talking about it, she even called her family up to tell them about her day with Baby, so sweet. My dad at first was worried my mom said cause he didn't know what Baby would like but quickly realized that he lets you know.

They were gone for about 3 hours. When they got him home he was asleep and all sticky. They got him a huge lollipop.

After they left all Baby could talk about was Tito, Tita and popsicle (which is what he calls a popsicle or a lollipop). So I am thinking he had fun. I am hoping my parents will be up for having another day with Baby this friday.

Parenting book

Has anyone heard of a book called Christlike Parenting by Glenn Latham? I have been thinking about getting a parenting book that will help me with disciplining Baby but I want something that is more Christlike. No spanking since I have major issues with that from my own childhood and no screaming and really just no physical punishments.

I don't even know how I heard about this book but I like what I have read so far on the reviews so I am thinking of getting it.

I guess I just don't want Baby to grow up being scared of Jon and I and that's why he won't do bad things. I want him to be able to make good choices for himself.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Making friends

Jon and I are really working hard at making friends.

Ok, we do have friends but they are either single friends, or they live in Provo too far from us. We also have family who I guess some I consider friends. Since moving up to the Ogden area we really haven't made friends that we can go and hang out with as a couple. I have friends that I hang out with because our kids are friends so thats good but we decided this year we might as well make some friends since it looks like we will be up here for another 2 years at least if not more.

So on Sunday Jon invited over a guy and his wife over, he met him in one of his classes at the U. They came over for dinner and we had fun. They had a cute little baby girl and Baby was totally in love with her giving her kisses. I think we might even hang out again sometime soon with them. It is always weird when you first meet a person so who know if she liked us but the husband and Jon really get along.

For this Sunday it was my turn so we are having dinner with my friend Erika and her husband. They have a little girl who Baby calls Cee even though her name is nothing like that, hahaha, she is about 5 months older than Baby but he loves hanging out with her. Erika and I are actually planning on going to Vegas in May as a couples weekend so I figured Jon needed to get to know her husband so Vegas won't be so weird. I hope Jon likes him. We will see...

Friday, January 21, 2011

First time without Baby

Oh my goodness I do not know what to do with myself right now. My parents came and got Baby to take him to Chuck E Cheese. It was actually my idea. Since Baby is having a hard time adjusting to my parents I thought maybe if they come and take him somewhere fun he will associate them with having fun and not be so mean towards them. I am hoping this works.

This however is the first time since Baby was born that I do not have him with me or that he isn't with Jon. Once Jon found out they came and got him he left work, hahaha. I guess there are good things about owning your own business. We will be having some lunch together and just relax for a few hours.

If it all goes well I will have my parents do this once a week with Baby. There are so many things around here that are free and that I know Baby would love to go to and since I am now without a car this will be perfect.

I have big plans for May, so this needs to work in order for me to be able to leave him with them for a few days.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


We haven't received our laptop back yet and Jon is in major need of one for school so we are going to have to get another which is fine since we knew I was in need of a new one and we had some money put away for it.

Today we went out to look for a new computer but we decided we are no longer using Best Buy cause they just plain suck. We went to a place called PC/Laptops who we have heard has amazing customer service and lifetime service and a whole bunch of other good stuff. I was expecting it to be a little on the expensive side as was Jon but holy cow...not $3000 expensive. I kept my composure while in the store but I could not believe it. It was the perfect computer and t he second I saw it I fell in love.

So now any other computer we look at doesn't even come close to that one, so sad since we cannot afford it. Oh well I guess we will have to keep on looking till we find the right one for me.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sleeping issues

Last night CANNOT be repeated...

Baby did not fall asleep till after midnight. Can you believe that? That has never happened before and I cannot have that happened again. I don't even know what happened.

For about a week now he won't fall asleep until about 10pm which is late since he normally goes down at 8-8:30pm. So yesterday I decided no nap so that way he would be really tired by 8pm. Everything was going great he didn't take his nap and was doing good. I even took him out for a 2 walks and we played at the playground since it was a nice enough day to do that. We came inside by 6pm and he seemed hungry I served him dinner and he started to fall asleep while eating so I figured perfect I can put him down now and he will sleep the rest of the night even if he gets up really early I will be ok with that. I laid him down with a movie playing since that's how he has been falling asleep as of late. He made no sounds for and hour an a half which is how long the movie lasted and then he freaked out started crying/screaming so I went and got him since I had company. Since that moment I could not let him be by himself without him freaking out.

I figured might as well go to bed with him. I laid quiet next to him for an hour and the whole time he was kissing me and tapping on my leg the whole hour. Finally I got up to go pee and he saw his chance he was up out of bed and telling me to look at the book he had and then he proceeded to tell me what was in the book. It was quite cute but he was too hyper about it all. I literally sad in bed with all lights off for another hour and then I put a movie in for him thinking maybe that would do it but no he laughed thru the whole movie twice. By midnight I was tired so I just decided to start to movie again and then I would fall asleep and he would have to work it out and within a few minutes after midnight he was out.

Oh my goodness I hope and pray that never happens again. I don't know if maybe he is going thru some learning development or something that is affecting him is going on. Poor baby.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Baby pictures gone?

I don't know what is going on with our electronics.

I have all of my pictures from 2007 to 2009 which include all of Baby's first year pictures on a portable hard drive. Well last Saturday something happened and it's no longer working. I cannot get any of the information on it off.

I was about to cry but my husband seems to think we can take it somewhere and have them fix it without erasing the information.

We took it to Best Buy but they want anywhere from $140-$500 to fix it and get the information off of it. We didn't even pay that much to buy the hard drive.

I am hoping I can find someone else who can fix it for cheaper. If not I might be breaking down and crying for days.

This has taught me a lesson though I am going to start printing pictures I take so at least I can have hard copies of them. Just in case.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Apple is the best

On Sunday I get a text message from my husband telling me his computer caught fire.


I have heard computers catching on fire but not from anyone I know. How does that happen? I always thought it happened if your computer got over heated. Who know...

I asked him how it happened since he had just gotten to work. He said he turned it on and was trying to get out credit reports and all of a sudden he smells smoke and then a whole bunch of sparks.

Let me just tell you that this computer is not even 4 months old. Really? I was hoping this computer would last us a few years. I guess that's what we get for not getting an Apple.

We have been joking around all day that his and my credit were so bad that it burned the computer up immediately.

Now he has no computer for the next 2-5 weeks and he started school on Monday.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The kind of friends worth keeping

Are true friends. I just read this on a friends status and I want to remember it so I might as well share it.

"A true friend doesn't care when you are broke, being mean, what you weigh, if your house isa mess, what you drive, about your past, or if your family is filled with crazy people. Your conversations pick up where they left off, even if it has been months or even years apart. They love you...for who you are."

I love this and it is so true.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The kind of mom I wanna be

I read on someones blog about the kind of mom that they have decided to be and it just hit me that that is exactly how I want to be but for me it will take some time. This year I will make a bigger effort to do this.

What she said was that she heard someone say once that when children grow up they are not going to remember if the cupboards were cleaned or if you spend an hour on dinner or if the house was vacuumed or not. What they WILL remember is if you took time out of your daily life to get on the ground with them and play.

On a daily basis I worry so much more about whether my house is cleaned and about having a good dinner than playing with my son who is growing up way too fast. I am going to try so hard this year to do this and not worry about what others think of my house. People I have a child living here!

I might actually make a sign saying that.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My model baby

Just had to share this picture cause he is just so darn cute.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The rest from Christmas

I thought I had more pictures from Christmas without Baby in them but I didn't so here are the ones that I can put up.

We really did have a great time in California as always.

I don't think I have ever said anything about this on here so here it goes....

My husband is an amazing guitar player and an even better singer. He says he isn't but I don't believe that he thinks that he is just trying to be polite but he truly has a God given talent. This year for his family Christmas show he sang "I wanna be a billionaire" by Bruno Mars. Everyone there was amazed at how good he is. I think he shocked even his own family. I know we have a video of him on youtube from a few years ago of him singing, I'll ask him to find it and I'll put the link up on here.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Las Vegas

On our way back home from California Christmas vacation we decided to stop in Vegas for the night. We called around and found the cheapest hotel room which was at the Luxor but then we asked what their next room was and it was a suite with a jacuzzi and all. So we booked it and I was shocked when we got there we have actually paid twice as much for a crappier room. Baby loved it too. We had so much fun walking around the hotel and spending time in the jacuzzi and just being all together. The only part that sucked was how much we had to spend to get dinner. It is out of control. Also to add to the great night we had Jon went and gambled a little bit, I know LDS people don't do that but don't judge, and he won over $4oo which paid for the room lunch, gas and then I got to keep some for myself, yay! It was a great stay to say the least.

We decided though that we are going back once the weather is nicer and staying there cause we liked it so much.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My dear husband

I love how my husband is so willing to help at times. For example, tonight he came home from work and said he would make dinner. You would think this would make me really happy and it does in a way but not in other. He will make an amazing dinner. However after he is done cooking and eating I am left with a huge mess that I never make when I cook. Not only that but now I have to clean cause he won't.

What sucks about this is that I do get a break from cooking but the work that is left is more than if I have cooked and cleaned.

Why is it that when the woman cook they also have to clean but when the man cook we also get stuck with cleaning. I do not understand this.

I sometimes joke with my husband that maybe it would be easier being married to a women cause they would understand me better.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My poor little man

So not only does my Baby have an ear infection to top it off he now has a stomach virus and the doctor said that is why he had such a high fever on saturday (103.5) isn't that just great. He can't even keep the antibiotic medicine down which is a problem.

The weird thing is he keeps on asking for food so I give him whatever he wants but within minutes its all back out.

On the positive maybe we are just getting all the sickness out of the way all at once. At least that's what I am telling myself.

Monday, January 3, 2011

We are having a rough day

It all started on Saturday during Baby's nap, I felt him and he was super hot. I didn't wake him up I just waited till he woke up and then I took his temperature which was at 103.4 way too high. I panicked and called my MIL who is a nurse but she didn't answer so I called my SIL she told me to give him tylenol and motrin. I did that and the temperature went down and then the rest of the day he was totally fine no temperature he ate normal and played all day. Around bedtime again the fever came back but with some tylenol it went down. Yesterday he acted normal but again around bedtime his fever came back and this time nothing would bring it down all night long. This made for a horrible night. We barely got any sleep.

By morning time I was determined that this needed a doctor visit however my husband not so much. I don't know what it is about guys but if it were up to them children would never be seen by doctors or maybe that's just my husband who knows. I told him to read up on ear infections cause I was certain thats what it was. After looking it up and seeing that if he did have an ear infection and it didn't get treated he could lose hearing he was a go.

Well don't you know I was right he has an ear infection. This is the first ear infection and HOLLY COW! Oh my goodness I am about to pull my hair out.

He wants nothing but boobie and the problem is there is no boobie juice :( how sad...I am not allowed to touch him neither is my husband. He won't eat or drink anything. He is just walking around the house crying and screaming. This makes me so sad. I hope the antibiotics will kick in soon and make him feel better cause I just do not know what to do.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

I am so excited for this year. I know its going to be a good one cause I am going to make it a good one whether or not it is what I want I will make choices so that I can be happy. So far we are starting out in a better place financially than we have any other year. This time around we also have a budget in place so I am super happy that I feel like maybe the trials we have gone thru in the past haven't been for nothing. We actually learned something.

This year:
-I am going to try my hardest and look at the positive in every situation and just be more positive in general.
-I will also try and be a better mom to my handsome little man
-I will try and be a better wife
-I will do at least one bike century

Those are the major things. I never make any health goals because I never keep them. I just try and do it one day at a time or else I feel like a total failure.