Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011

I am so excited for this year. I know its going to be a good one cause I am going to make it a good one whether or not it is what I want I will make choices so that I can be happy. So far we are starting out in a better place financially than we have any other year. This time around we also have a budget in place so I am super happy that I feel like maybe the trials we have gone thru in the past haven't been for nothing. We actually learned something.

This year:
-I am going to try my hardest and look at the positive in every situation and just be more positive in general.
-I will also try and be a better mom to my handsome little man
-I will try and be a better wife
-I will do at least one bike century

Those are the major things. I never make any health goals because I never keep them. I just try and do it one day at a time or else I feel like a total failure.

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