Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Vacation

This year we decided we were going to have a California Christmas and I am so glad we did. We had a blast. On the way down Baby got sick but he was still so good on the ride. For a pre-christmas gift we got him some movies and a DVD player, what a life saver. I think that was more of a gift for me. Honestly.

Our first day there my MIL took us to the zoo, what a disappointment. Its the living dessert zoo (I think) anyways I was not impressed. Not only that but I was sick by then with a fever but I didn't want to rain on anyones parade so I just went and toughed it out. We lasted maybe 2 hours the max with eating in between. I am sure if I had seen most of the zoo it would have been cool but we saw maybe 7 animals total. They have a night time light show that I probably would have enjoyed better but oh well. Baby however really enjoyed the fact that they had a ginormous play train thing going on. We sat there watching it for about 30 minutes.

We had a great Christmas Eve party. My husband aunt loves to entertain (she is a martha stewart, I swear) and it was just amazing. We had a great dinner with prime rib, turkey and tons more stuff. Her grand-daughter who came from Israel brought beads for everyone to make necklaces for each other as gifts and I loved the idea. I said we should do that every year. There was also tons of singing and laughing happening. I love Christmas Eve.

Christmas day we spend at my husbands grandma's house and that was also fun. Great food and company which is the best.

The rest of the time we just enjoyed hanging out with the family that we don't get to see nearly enough.

My husband rode a total of about 100 miles while we were there and his uncle spoiled him with tons of biking gear.

I will have to update later more on Christmas Vacation cause for some reason my pictures are not all uploading to my computer but once I get them loaded they will be up on here.

This was Jon after a 48 mile ride.

This was at the Zoo.
This was as interesting as it got. Its cute though, huh?

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