Thursday, April 21, 2011

Finally a date

Jon and I were finally able to go on a date.

The first one probably this month.

Thank goodness I have my mom close by cause if not they would probably never happen.

We were actually planning on going down to Salt Lake to have dinner at our favorite restaurant and watch a play that Jon has to see for one of his classes. Well with our luck of course the play was all sold out but we took advantage of the fact that my mom had Baby and we went and saw Arthur.

It was actually a really good and cute money. Now I am starting to really like Russell Brand. He was looking kinda good in the movie. Ha! I am such a dork.

Jon's family

To me birthday's are a huge deal. Maybe I am weird for making them such a big deal but I do and I expect everyone around me to pretend like it is.

And in all reality I don't even expect much but a phone call, email or text would be nice.

It really bothers me though that for all the other babies in Jon's family they get tons of stuff all year long and especially for birthdays. Then when its Baby's birthday its like he is not even important. I am more than headed.

Really people a phone call would have made me feel a whole lot better but no they couldn't do that.

The reason this bothers me is that right now Baby can't tell but as he gets older he will be able to see that he is treated differently and once this happens I will lose my mind.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

White families vs. Hispanic families

I sometimes wonder if all white families are like my in-laws or if its just them.

I have been apart of other white families but it was people in the East coast so I wonder if maybe that also made a difference but who knows.

My husband was sick for like 5 days and either his family thought he was making it up or they just don't care about him. It so weird. My own mother called about 4 times a day to check on Jon and see how he was doing and if he needed anything. His family did not call one single time. That is so weird to me.

I sometimes feel like they only care about him when they need his help, other than that forget it they could care less.

Jon says this is how he grew up so to him its normal but I did not grow up that way.

He also says that its normal for white families to be like this. Really? Not the white people I grew up with but who knows.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Mom's birthday party!

I wanted to have a big party for my mom's birthday but Baby was sick and so was the hubby and I was feeling like I was coming down with something so it was a small get together. I wanted to also have a Costa Rican meal but that didn't happen. Oh well I guess we will have to do that for Mother's Day or sometime next month.

Everyone in my family loves Thanksgiving dinner so I decided to recreate it. It went pretty good. My cousin of course cooked the turkey since I do not know how to cook a turkey yet. I did make the birthday cake and it was pretty amazing. It was a strawberry one with strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting, I also put white chocolate covered strawberries on top of it. Yumm! Everyone loved it.

Towards the end I brought out the gift we had for my mom and she was super surprised and happy. We had bought her some clothes for the summer plus we gave her some money to buy herself some summer shoes.

I felt really good to be able to do all of that for my mom. She is an amazing woman.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My mom's new hair do

This is my mom's new do.

I love the new highlights.

It even looks cute when its curly.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mami is 60!

Today is my mom's birthday and she is the big 6-0. She is an amazing person. In those 60 years she has been through a lot more than I can even imagine going through and she is still strong and going.

I decided for a birthday that big she needed something big from us kids. So I gathered up money from my siblings and I took her to my hair dresser, Tiffani, for a hair make over. I had Tiffani cut her hair short and dye it along with putting in some highlights. My mom had never had highlights before but I figured that it would make it easier to hide her grays as they start coming in if she has some highlights. After Tiffani was done and my mom finally saw the result she was shocked. She said this was the first time since moving to the States that she has actually liked how someone did her hair. I still need to get a picture of it.

We also got her some new clothes but she won't get that until Sunday when we are having a family dinner/party for her.

I did take her and my dad out for lunch today as her birthday present from Jon, Baby and I.

I love my mom so much and I am really glad they are out here now. Happy Birthday Mami! Te Amo

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My eyebrow lady

Since moving to Utah I can no longer get my eyebrows waxed. They don't have asian people here who do it. In philly they are amazing but here getting your eyebrows done mean you go to a white girl to get them done and they (no offense) do not know how to do eyebrows or at least my eyebrows.

I have however learned that middle eastern women do threading to do their eyebrows. I have gone to a lady for about 2 years but she raised her prices to $20 and that is just too much for me right now. So I found another lady who charges $10 so I started going to her.

The first time I went she was super nice and really friendly. The last time I went though was horrible.

I get there and she is with a customer so I said hello and smiled, since she looked at me and she didn't respond at all. Then when its my turn to sit down Baby was very clingy to me and didn't really want my mom. She says to me "is that normal of him to only want you and be like that?" so I tell her that some days he is like that. She thought it was weird. Then she asks me if I work and I tell her I do not that my husband works outside the home while I take care of our son. She could not believe that my husband would allow that and let me know it. Then she tells me that my mom being so close and clingy to me is not normal and okay that I need to take him to other peoples homes and drop him off for a few hours a day so that he will stop being that way. She tells me how her son, who is a few months younger, doesn't care when she leaves. He doesn't cry and that when she comes home he isn't excited. Ummmmmm.....I didn't even know what to say to this crazy lady because to me that is not ok. I understand you child not crying when you leave but at this age. I have yet to meet a child like that but for him not to get excited when she gets home. She must suck as a mom. At this age all kids get excited when they see their parents. I could not believe that she was trying to tell me how to parent. To top if off she tells me that my eyebrows are a mess (which I knew) and that if I come to her it needs to be every 2 weeks. What in the world?

Yeah right, that lady can kiss my behind not to be so explicit but I could not believe her. What nerve. As a business owner you should never treat a customer that way, they are the reason you are open.

So I guess I am back to my other eyebrow lady even if she charges me more. At least she treats me like a queen.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby's birthday party

On Monday we celebrated Baby's birthday. I invited our family over and then some of his friends. Three of them showed up and he had a blast.

I was so stressed out because the day before everyone dished me when they were supposed to come over and help clean and cook. I guess that's not fun so I don't blame them. However my sister did come and thank goodness. I decided to make some birthday cake pops, if you haven't heard about them you need to google them. They are amazing! I had never worked with melted chocolate but my sister had thank goodness cause she did the melting of it and I did the dipping. Everyone loved them. Everyone should honestly either make some or go to Starbucks and get one they sell them. Everything ended up getting done and on the day of the party my cousin and mom came over early and cleaned the whole house, moved furniture, made sandwiches and set the table up. Meanwhile I was running around like crazy.

The party was a hit. Everyone had fun and the food was yummy. This was better than last year. I am getting ideas for next years party.

Here is an overload of pictures from the party. Enjoy!

This is Baby's bestfriend

My cute friend in the next picture is 20 weeks pregnant, can you believe that?

Sunday, April 10, 2011


With Baby's birthday I have been thinking a lot about my pregnancy, birth and afterwards and so I am remembering my postpartum depression.

Its not really talked about or at least I had never heard anyone talk about it. For as often as it happens it really is not talked about enough. My doctor never even mentioned it.

I used to think that it happened only to people with bipolar disorder or depression, yeah I was way wrong. It really can happen to anyone. Even if you have a perfect pregnancy that has nothing to do with whether or not you get it.

While pregnant I didn't even read about it since I thought it would not happen to me so while it was happening to me I didn't even recognize it. I just thought it was normal to feel that way after having a child.

It really is the worst feeling in the world and I feel for mothers who have it. No one can really understand until you go through it. Which in any case no one can understand anything until they go through it.

Now looking back those were some dark times. I don't think I went through it until about 5 months after Baby was born. I remember there were days I got out of bed just to bathe Baby and feed him. If I took a shower I would get right back into my pajamas and I would go out an average of 2 days a week the rest of the time I stayed home and in bed. At one point I almost pulled a Britney by shaving my hair off. Is that weird or what? but I really had to talk myself out of doing that. Since I barely left our room I barely ate and that's when I dropped a crazy amount of weight to the point that I had everyone worried about me.

As Baby got older and the weather changed I got back to normal and thank goodness. I have heard of people experiencing it for years after they have their children.

I guess for the next Baby I will be prepared for it and hopefully we are still living near my mom so she can help me through it all.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My baby is 2

Today my baby is no longer a baby. Well to me he will always be my baby but I am sure he won't let me call him that for too much longer.

I still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. From the moment I saw him I was completely in love and that love grows every single day. He has made me that happiest mami on the planet.

Jon says he gets cuter every single day and I seem to agree. Lately I think he gets smarted everyday too. He also has grown so much in the last year its crazy how tall he is now.

Things he is doing:

-knows anywhere from 150-200 words both in English and Spanish
-is still a picky eater but will eat tons of fruits no veggies though unless I am sneaky
-has to take 2 showers/baths most days and he actually will ask for a bath at nigh
-he is super funny and will do and say things just to make me laugh
-he knows when he has broken a rule and will put himself in timeout
-is a complete dare devil
-can do a somersault all by himself
-loves jumping on the trampoline

There are ton more things he can do already but I cannot remember them now.

Sad thing is that he is really sick right now, what a way to spend his birthday. My poor baby. I took him to the doctors and he has a double ear infection. I am hoping he is feeling better by Tuesday since we are having his party then.


I just heard our rent here might be going up at the end of our lease.

This makes me sad because if it really does we will probably have to move out and find something cheaper since we are at our max.

I don't really want to move again.

The crappy thing is that they are advertising these apartment for $60 less a month than what we pay so I don't know why they are trying to raise rent for the people who are already here.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sick baby again

My poor baby is sick again and I hate watching him sick.

He is so pittiful and works it to get his way.

I don't know yet what he has but he has had a fever, a cough and runny nose. The cough and runny nose just started today but the fever started 2 days ago.

I was thinking it might be teething since he has some molars coming in.

I do love how cuddly he gets. We have snuggled for a total of 8 hours today and within those 8 hours we now have a new favorite show. Chuggington. Baby is all about trains right now so this show is pretty amazing to him.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I now have a car

I am beyond happy...

A few weeks ago I had heard that student of the U get to ride the train and trax (which is a trolley) for free. I had Jon find out about this because we were spending way too much money on gas and with money being tight we needed to cut some expenses.

Well don't you know that its true, Jon gets to ride public transportation whenever he wants and to wherever he wants completely free.

This means we will be saving more than $150 in gas alone and I get to have a car every single day. It has been great not being stuck at home 4 days of the week.

To top it off Jon has really enjoyed taking the train in to Salt Lake every morning. They even have wifi on the train, so he gets to actually do homework or study for an hour every morning.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conference with a child

Is it just me or is it close to impossible to watch conference with a toddler?

I was only able to watch the beginning of the first session on Sunday while Baby bathe with Jon. The rest forget about it.

I tried bribing him with candy and cookies but nothing so now I am just waiting for the talks to come out in the Ensign for me to read them.

I worked for Jon on Saturday night so he could go to priesthood session and he said there were some pretty good ones during that session.

Friday, April 1, 2011

My baby is no longer

My goodness my baby is turning 2 in 8 days.

I am having a hard time with this.

I want him to stay baby forever.

It's so not fair.

I am planning his birthday party which he liked to called his "birthday cake", isn't that cute. He told me he wanted a train theme party but he doesn't like Thomas train stuff and I could not find anything with normal trains. So then I asked him if a Dinosaur party was ok and he told me yeah and that he wanted orange, blue and green colors. I am not even kidding, I took him to the party shop and he picked out the colors. He is getting too old.

I have everything I need for decorations together and I am so excited about this.

I LOVE birthdays and I always make a big deal about them.

My husband thinks I am crazy cause in his family they never really make big deals for birthdays, I think that sad.

Growing up I had a birthday party every single year until I left the house. Some years it was just the family and a close friend but my parents would make a huge meal and make a big deal about it.