Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Conference with a child

Is it just me or is it close to impossible to watch conference with a toddler?

I was only able to watch the beginning of the first session on Sunday while Baby bathe with Jon. The rest forget about it.

I tried bribing him with candy and cookies but nothing so now I am just waiting for the talks to come out in the Ensign for me to read them.

I worked for Jon on Saturday night so he could go to priesthood session and he said there were some pretty good ones during that session.

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Brad and Danielle said...

I totally agree! I was thinking the same thing as I was trying to listen to the talks over 2 screaming/playing toddlers (my sister has a 2 year old boy and I was at my parents' house in CA for conference this year).

By they way, thank you for your text while I was there. I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers for my dad. He is doing much better and is now out of the hospital. Hooray! It will still be a long recovery, but we are taking great steps in the right direction. Thank you for thinking of us.