Saturday, April 9, 2011

My baby is 2

Today my baby is no longer a baby. Well to me he will always be my baby but I am sure he won't let me call him that for too much longer.

I still remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. From the moment I saw him I was completely in love and that love grows every single day. He has made me that happiest mami on the planet.

Jon says he gets cuter every single day and I seem to agree. Lately I think he gets smarted everyday too. He also has grown so much in the last year its crazy how tall he is now.

Things he is doing:

-knows anywhere from 150-200 words both in English and Spanish
-is still a picky eater but will eat tons of fruits no veggies though unless I am sneaky
-has to take 2 showers/baths most days and he actually will ask for a bath at nigh
-he is super funny and will do and say things just to make me laugh
-he knows when he has broken a rule and will put himself in timeout
-is a complete dare devil
-can do a somersault all by himself
-loves jumping on the trampoline

There are ton more things he can do already but I cannot remember them now.

Sad thing is that he is really sick right now, what a way to spend his birthday. My poor baby. I took him to the doctors and he has a double ear infection. I am hoping he is feeling better by Tuesday since we are having his party then.

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