Thursday, April 14, 2011

My eyebrow lady

Since moving to Utah I can no longer get my eyebrows waxed. They don't have asian people here who do it. In philly they are amazing but here getting your eyebrows done mean you go to a white girl to get them done and they (no offense) do not know how to do eyebrows or at least my eyebrows.

I have however learned that middle eastern women do threading to do their eyebrows. I have gone to a lady for about 2 years but she raised her prices to $20 and that is just too much for me right now. So I found another lady who charges $10 so I started going to her.

The first time I went she was super nice and really friendly. The last time I went though was horrible.

I get there and she is with a customer so I said hello and smiled, since she looked at me and she didn't respond at all. Then when its my turn to sit down Baby was very clingy to me and didn't really want my mom. She says to me "is that normal of him to only want you and be like that?" so I tell her that some days he is like that. She thought it was weird. Then she asks me if I work and I tell her I do not that my husband works outside the home while I take care of our son. She could not believe that my husband would allow that and let me know it. Then she tells me that my mom being so close and clingy to me is not normal and okay that I need to take him to other peoples homes and drop him off for a few hours a day so that he will stop being that way. She tells me how her son, who is a few months younger, doesn't care when she leaves. He doesn't cry and that when she comes home he isn't excited. Ummmmmm.....I didn't even know what to say to this crazy lady because to me that is not ok. I understand you child not crying when you leave but at this age. I have yet to meet a child like that but for him not to get excited when she gets home. She must suck as a mom. At this age all kids get excited when they see their parents. I could not believe that she was trying to tell me how to parent. To top if off she tells me that my eyebrows are a mess (which I knew) and that if I come to her it needs to be every 2 weeks. What in the world?

Yeah right, that lady can kiss my behind not to be so explicit but I could not believe her. What nerve. As a business owner you should never treat a customer that way, they are the reason you are open.

So I guess I am back to my other eyebrow lady even if she charges me more. At least she treats me like a queen.

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Midwayedancer said...

Seriously? No Asian eyebrow people? Even in nail salons?