Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Baby's birthday party

On Monday we celebrated Baby's birthday. I invited our family over and then some of his friends. Three of them showed up and he had a blast.

I was so stressed out because the day before everyone dished me when they were supposed to come over and help clean and cook. I guess that's not fun so I don't blame them. However my sister did come and thank goodness. I decided to make some birthday cake pops, if you haven't heard about them you need to google them. They are amazing! I had never worked with melted chocolate but my sister had thank goodness cause she did the melting of it and I did the dipping. Everyone loved them. Everyone should honestly either make some or go to Starbucks and get one they sell them. Everything ended up getting done and on the day of the party my cousin and mom came over early and cleaned the whole house, moved furniture, made sandwiches and set the table up. Meanwhile I was running around like crazy.

The party was a hit. Everyone had fun and the food was yummy. This was better than last year. I am getting ideas for next years party.

Here is an overload of pictures from the party. Enjoy!

This is Baby's bestfriend

My cute friend in the next picture is 20 weeks pregnant, can you believe that?

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