Wednesday, April 20, 2011

White families vs. Hispanic families

I sometimes wonder if all white families are like my in-laws or if its just them.

I have been apart of other white families but it was people in the East coast so I wonder if maybe that also made a difference but who knows.

My husband was sick for like 5 days and either his family thought he was making it up or they just don't care about him. It so weird. My own mother called about 4 times a day to check on Jon and see how he was doing and if he needed anything. His family did not call one single time. That is so weird to me.

I sometimes feel like they only care about him when they need his help, other than that forget it they could care less.

Jon says this is how he grew up so to him its normal but I did not grow up that way.

He also says that its normal for white families to be like this. Really? Not the white people I grew up with but who knows.

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