Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Peeing in public

I am super excited that Mookie is now potty trained. It is pretty awesome. He is no longer a baby. Plus no more buying diapers, woohoo!

While on vacation we were on a private beach and Mookie tells me he has to go pee, I told him to hold it as its a ways back up to the house. I turn around to say something to my friend and she starts cracking up. I turn around and see that Mookie has pulled out his weiner and is being on the beach like nothing. Like this is what he is supposed to do. Since this was the first time this was happening I busted out laughing. Major mami fail but I couldn't help it. I thought it was a one time thing.

Boy was I wrong....

A few days later we were at an aunts house swimming in the pool and Mookie jumps out and tells me he has to go pee. I was super impressed that he didn't just pee in the pool as this was the first time in a pool after potty training. I go to get out but by then he had again pulled it out and was peeing on her grass. I started yelling at him to stop so he started running while pering all over the place. I was once again dying laughing from seeing him running away while peeing. Major fail!

I talked to Jon about it and told him to talk to Mookie about this which he of course didn't do.

Then we get home and one night during a late night play ground visit. Mookie's once again tells us he has to go pee and before we can say anything he is peeing on the grass right by the playground. Thank goodness it was too late for normal people to be out so no one saw this happen except for us. I was able to not laugh this time Jon however was laughing hysterical since this was the first time he had seen this.

I talked to Mookie about it and told him that he shouldn't pull his weiner out in public to pee because we only do that in private. He proceeds to ask me why dog can do it in public. When I tell him cause they are animals he says he can become an animal too. I gave up. I again told Jon to talk to him maybe he would understand better from Jon.

Last week Jon is out on a busy street after watching a movie and all of a sudden a guy behind Jon tells Mookie "oh buddy we don't do that" when Jon looks he again is peeing. And this time on a busy street in the middle of the day. Jon was super embarrassed but guess what? He talked to Mookie and since then it hasn't happened.

I have asked around if this is normal boy behavior and I have been told it is but my goodness it's kinda embarrassing.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


For the first time in almost a year I went to my moms house. I don't mean I went inside cause there is no way that is happening since I know a good spirit can't reside there. I went and hung out in her yard.

In all reality I didn't do this for me or my mother. I did it for Mookie. He knows my mom has a garden since he can see it from the car whenever we pick my mom up. He has been asking for a garden and since that will not be happening anytime soon I told him I would take him to my moms for him to water the garden.

He had a blast even though he really wanted to pull some carrots out. My mom let him be in charge of the hose and he was in heaven. He soaked me while I wasn't looking the wet my brothers and my mom while dying laughing. He ran around the whole yard while my mom chased him. All in all a good, I am glad.

When we got home we went on a walk with Jon and then Jon played "tag you're it" with Mookie. Love good days!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Biking gear

So I might or might not have a death wish. I am totally serious here. You will understand why in a second.

I am signed up to do a 36 mile bike ride this Saturday. That alone is not bad however I have not touched a bike since last September. So....yeah....I might be slightly crazy.

I am getting ready for it. My bike is at the bike shop getting tuned up and today I went and bought my first items of biking clothes. I was not made aware that biking is an expensive sport. I also had to get my first helmet that isn't a youth one, I don't want people laughing at me.

Anyways...I am sure I will at least make it to 18 miles. I will write about it after Saturday if I don't die.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

My mother

I know I have written some pretty crappy things about her from my childhood and how she handled the situation last year but this post isn't about that. It's a nice post.

Now days I am having more sympathy for her because I am realizing she is a victim in all of this too.

She has also showed me how much she truly loves my son. We were gone for almost 2 weeks on vacation an once we were back she told me any day I want her to babysit Mookie he is more than happy to. I love seeing how happy Mookie is about staying home with Tita and getting her full attention.

She also cleans my house whenever she comes by and does my laundry. I am so grateful to her. A few weeks ago she was not feeling well for like 2 weeks do she didn't come over and can I tell you that was the first time I had to do laundry in months. Yes I am pretty lucky!

I hope someday we can have the mother-daughter relationship I dreamt of having growing up.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday is a fun day

Now that summer is almost here I have made sure Jon and I at least have one day a week off together so we can have family time. That day will be Thursday's this summer.

So for our first family day I decided we would go out to a park and have a picnic. Mookie was super excited when I told him what we were doing that day. We had a blast.

A friend took me a park the day before and I was in love. It's kinda hidden and barely anyone is there which for me it's perfect plus tons of shade.

We had our picnic while Mookie played in the sand, then we played "dinosaur tag" which is always fun, then we played on the swings, slide and monkey bars. After that he went on an adventure with Jon to the "forest" where they saw birds.

We had a fun day out as a family. Can't wait to have more fun on Thursday's to follow.

At night Jon and I decided to go on a date ourselves. Thanks to my mom we were able to go. We went shooting for about 2 hours. I can now say I feel
Completely comfortable with my hand gun. I know how to load it, lock it am all that fun stuff plus I am getting kinda good at shooting the target. Woohoo! After shooting my hand gun we went and shot my shot gun. Jon got me the gun as an early mother's day gift a few weeks back back because of vacation and all we hadn't shot it yet. I was pretty excited as my last shot gun was not what I had hoped for but let me tell you this one is amazing. I am in love! I still suck at hitting the target but it's pretty cool shooting it an a great stress reliever.

To finish the night off we had dinner with some pretty cool people.

All in all it was a wonderful day from start to finish. Now I have something to look forward to for next Thursday as we are already making plans on what we should do.

Monday, May 21, 2012

My fantastic day

We have had an amazing day today!

I woke up early and got all my motherly duties done by the time Mookie woke up. Which left me with tons of patience and love. I didn't think I was going to need it but that chanced very fast.

Shortly after Jon left for school Mookie proclaimed he wanted to have a lollipop for breakfast. There was no way I was going to allow that, so I said he could have one after breakfast and of course he didn't like that so a huge tantrum ensued.

I am so proud of myself and how well I was able to handle all of it including being punched and then my child grabbing my leg with a death grip and trying to bite it. I held my composure and was able to put him in his room. There was no yelling on my part, hooray! Honestly I think vacationing and brig able to relax for over a week worked wonders.

Mookie finally came to his senses he ate breakfast and it was almost all smooth sailing. At least for the most part. We played together, I fed him at his request, we visited Tia Lisseti and got to see Tio Aaron. He told me about 100 times he loves me which totally makes him my all time favorite little person in the world.

I don't know what it is but I am feeling so positive about everything. I am praying it continues. I think my house being clean might have something to do with it. I should probably try and keep it up.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Amazing women

I truly am blessed to have so many amazing women in my live who have showed me love and patience. How to be a strong woman an stand up for what I believe no matter what. I hope at some point in my life I can become a little bit more like everyone of these women.

I am also so lucky to have married into a family full of strong women. I love every single one of them and cannot picture my life without them in it.

I am feeling very blessed to get to spend mother's day with most of them tomorrow.

Thanks to my husband, family and amazing friends I have had a wonderful week relaxing, enjoying beautiful weather, playing and spending time with people I love. We have spend this last week at the same spot my husband and I said out vows to each other almost 6 years ago. I have not stopped thinking about how lucky I truly am to have found this amazing man who adores me more than anything in this world. I love him more today than I did 6 years ago.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rough day

I woke up today ready for a good day. I had an appointment to get fake eyelashes on. Yeah, yeah, yeah, kinda silly and totally fake but hey I have been wanting some for 3 years now. After that I had plans to have lunch with my favorite cousin and then the plan was for me to come home and finish getting ready for our fast approaching vacation. I like to be ready days in advance cause I am weird like that.

I wake up early, had breakfast, did my hair and catch up on some Real Housewives of Orange County. So far so good. I made it to my appointment no problem. Then I head to a restaurant where my cousin and I had planned to meet. She calls me and let's me know she has a flat. I would come to her rescue only problem is neither of us know how to change a tire. Thank goodness though she is not even a block from her house so she just ran home and took her husbands car. We had a great lunch as always. In the middle of having lunch though I by mistake look at my phone and there is a few text messages from Jon that say "Bentley just broke my kindle!!!!" "I'm so pissed" "He cracked the screen" I actually didn't feel too bad because first i didn't think it was as bad as he was making it seem and second I figured he had left Mookie by himself cause he didn't want to have to deal with him so I just send a message to sound like I cared and then put my phone away. I finished lunch and get in my car and look at my phone. By now there is another desperate text begging me to come home because he can no longer handle Mookie as he has now done something to my computer. I figured now things were serious so I head home. When I get home the house looks a mess, the kindle fire is completely broken not fixable and my computer is no longer working not because Mookie messed with it but because it got a horrible virus. At this point I could care less about the kindle I can just pay a couple hundred dollars and get one but my computer I have a gazillion pictures on it and have not put a bunch on my portable hard drive. This just ruined my day and my husbands as he sat all day trying to fix my computer. He though he fixed it about 4 times to only find out a few minutes later it's still not working right.

By 3:30 I was so bummed and annoyed at Mookie because he kept on breaking this or making messes that I made the both of us take a nap. Hallelujah! It was heavenly and we both woke up in much better moods and are now ending our night on a good note watching Polar Express.

Gotta love being a parent. I swear I will never own anything nice until my children all leave home. It's pointless. I will also never have a spotless or super clean house not with the boy I have. So meet show up at my house uninvited because I just don't want to be judged, ha.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Funny thing, I am starting to really see how lucky I am. I have for years moaned and moaned how I wish I had some good friends and how I wish I lived back home where I do have friend when in reality I do have some pretty amazing friends in my life. Yes I do not have tons of friends but lets be real it takes time and energy to built friendships. I have a few friends who mean the world to me. Some of them don't live in Utah but I keep in contact with almost on a daily basis. I am glad I have started seeing what I do have instead of wishing I had something different.

Last night I was on Pinterest looking up friendship quotes and was able to find some good ones.

Now fast forward to today....I am sitting on the ground with Mookie after getting home from work, he is hugging me as I am feeding him and he turns to me and tells me that I am his "bestfriend" and guess what I realized right then and there? I am the luckiest mami in the planet and how I will pray for the rest of my life that my son can see me as such.