Tuesday, May 29, 2012


For the first time in almost a year I went to my moms house. I don't mean I went inside cause there is no way that is happening since I know a good spirit can't reside there. I went and hung out in her yard.

In all reality I didn't do this for me or my mother. I did it for Mookie. He knows my mom has a garden since he can see it from the car whenever we pick my mom up. He has been asking for a garden and since that will not be happening anytime soon I told him I would take him to my moms for him to water the garden.

He had a blast even though he really wanted to pull some carrots out. My mom let him be in charge of the hose and he was in heaven. He soaked me while I wasn't looking the wet my brothers and my mom while dying laughing. He ran around the whole yard while my mom chased him. All in all a good, I am glad.

When we got home we went on a walk with Jon and then Jon played "tag you're it" with Mookie. Love good days!

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