Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday is a fun day

Now that summer is almost here I have made sure Jon and I at least have one day a week off together so we can have family time. That day will be Thursday's this summer.

So for our first family day I decided we would go out to a park and have a picnic. Mookie was super excited when I told him what we were doing that day. We had a blast.

A friend took me a park the day before and I was in love. It's kinda hidden and barely anyone is there which for me it's perfect plus tons of shade.

We had our picnic while Mookie played in the sand, then we played "dinosaur tag" which is always fun, then we played on the swings, slide and monkey bars. After that he went on an adventure with Jon to the "forest" where they saw birds.

We had a fun day out as a family. Can't wait to have more fun on Thursday's to follow.

At night Jon and I decided to go on a date ourselves. Thanks to my mom we were able to go. We went shooting for about 2 hours. I can now say I feel
Completely comfortable with my hand gun. I know how to load it, lock it am all that fun stuff plus I am getting kinda good at shooting the target. Woohoo! After shooting my hand gun we went and shot my shot gun. Jon got me the gun as an early mother's day gift a few weeks back back because of vacation and all we hadn't shot it yet. I was pretty excited as my last shot gun was not what I had hoped for but let me tell you this one is amazing. I am in love! I still suck at hitting the target but it's pretty cool shooting it an a great stress reliever.

To finish the night off we had dinner with some pretty cool people.

All in all it was a wonderful day from start to finish. Now I have something to look forward to for next Thursday as we are already making plans on what we should do.

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