Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rough day

I woke up today ready for a good day. I had an appointment to get fake eyelashes on. Yeah, yeah, yeah, kinda silly and totally fake but hey I have been wanting some for 3 years now. After that I had plans to have lunch with my favorite cousin and then the plan was for me to come home and finish getting ready for our fast approaching vacation. I like to be ready days in advance cause I am weird like that.

I wake up early, had breakfast, did my hair and catch up on some Real Housewives of Orange County. So far so good. I made it to my appointment no problem. Then I head to a restaurant where my cousin and I had planned to meet. She calls me and let's me know she has a flat. I would come to her rescue only problem is neither of us know how to change a tire. Thank goodness though she is not even a block from her house so she just ran home and took her husbands car. We had a great lunch as always. In the middle of having lunch though I by mistake look at my phone and there is a few text messages from Jon that say "Bentley just broke my kindle!!!!" "I'm so pissed" "He cracked the screen" I actually didn't feel too bad because first i didn't think it was as bad as he was making it seem and second I figured he had left Mookie by himself cause he didn't want to have to deal with him so I just send a message to sound like I cared and then put my phone away. I finished lunch and get in my car and look at my phone. By now there is another desperate text begging me to come home because he can no longer handle Mookie as he has now done something to my computer. I figured now things were serious so I head home. When I get home the house looks a mess, the kindle fire is completely broken not fixable and my computer is no longer working not because Mookie messed with it but because it got a horrible virus. At this point I could care less about the kindle I can just pay a couple hundred dollars and get one but my computer I have a gazillion pictures on it and have not put a bunch on my portable hard drive. This just ruined my day and my husbands as he sat all day trying to fix my computer. He though he fixed it about 4 times to only find out a few minutes later it's still not working right.

By 3:30 I was so bummed and annoyed at Mookie because he kept on breaking this or making messes that I made the both of us take a nap. Hallelujah! It was heavenly and we both woke up in much better moods and are now ending our night on a good note watching Polar Express.

Gotta love being a parent. I swear I will never own anything nice until my children all leave home. It's pointless. I will also never have a spotless or super clean house not with the boy I have. So meet show up at my house uninvited because I just don't want to be judged, ha.

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