Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Funny thing, I am starting to really see how lucky I am. I have for years moaned and moaned how I wish I had some good friends and how I wish I lived back home where I do have friend when in reality I do have some pretty amazing friends in my life. Yes I do not have tons of friends but lets be real it takes time and energy to built friendships. I have a few friends who mean the world to me. Some of them don't live in Utah but I keep in contact with almost on a daily basis. I am glad I have started seeing what I do have instead of wishing I had something different.

Last night I was on Pinterest looking up friendship quotes and was able to find some good ones.

Now fast forward to today....I am sitting on the ground with Mookie after getting home from work, he is hugging me as I am feeding him and he turns to me and tells me that I am his "bestfriend" and guess what I realized right then and there? I am the luckiest mami in the planet and how I will pray for the rest of my life that my son can see me as such.

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