Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Peeing in public

I am super excited that Mookie is now potty trained. It is pretty awesome. He is no longer a baby. Plus no more buying diapers, woohoo!

While on vacation we were on a private beach and Mookie tells me he has to go pee, I told him to hold it as its a ways back up to the house. I turn around to say something to my friend and she starts cracking up. I turn around and see that Mookie has pulled out his weiner and is being on the beach like nothing. Like this is what he is supposed to do. Since this was the first time this was happening I busted out laughing. Major mami fail but I couldn't help it. I thought it was a one time thing.

Boy was I wrong....

A few days later we were at an aunts house swimming in the pool and Mookie jumps out and tells me he has to go pee. I was super impressed that he didn't just pee in the pool as this was the first time in a pool after potty training. I go to get out but by then he had again pulled it out and was peeing on her grass. I started yelling at him to stop so he started running while pering all over the place. I was once again dying laughing from seeing him running away while peeing. Major fail!

I talked to Jon about it and told him to talk to Mookie about this which he of course didn't do.

Then we get home and one night during a late night play ground visit. Mookie's once again tells us he has to go pee and before we can say anything he is peeing on the grass right by the playground. Thank goodness it was too late for normal people to be out so no one saw this happen except for us. I was able to not laugh this time Jon however was laughing hysterical since this was the first time he had seen this.

I talked to Mookie about it and told him that he shouldn't pull his weiner out in public to pee because we only do that in private. He proceeds to ask me why dog can do it in public. When I tell him cause they are animals he says he can become an animal too. I gave up. I again told Jon to talk to him maybe he would understand better from Jon.

Last week Jon is out on a busy street after watching a movie and all of a sudden a guy behind Jon tells Mookie "oh buddy we don't do that" when Jon looks he again is peeing. And this time on a busy street in the middle of the day. Jon was super embarrassed but guess what? He talked to Mookie and since then it hasn't happened.

I have asked around if this is normal boy behavior and I have been told it is but my goodness it's kinda embarrassing.

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