Thursday, March 31, 2011

Can't turn my back around on this one

Baby is like lightning...

After putting baby powder on I left the baby powder on the counter in the bathroom and I thought I had closed it. I left to go get a diaper for Baby, which took all of 20 seconds and by the time I came back he had spilled half the bottle of baby powder on the floor, his body and his hair was white.

This happened after I had vacuumed.

For a minute I wanted to yell and put him in time out but then I just started laughing cause I am sure he thought it was amazing that he was making it snow in the house. So of course I went and got the camera.

He sure does keep me on my toes. I love that baby.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


My brother posted this and I totally agree with it.

" No doubt exist that all women are crazy; it's only a question of degree" W.C Fields

Monday, March 28, 2011


Oh my neighbors are something else

We first had a problem with our new neighbor smoking in the bathrooms. Mind you in these apartments no one is allowed to smoke indoors so that is a big no no. The first time I smelled it I was shocked and thought maybe this was just a one time thing but no it happened every night after that so I called the office on them. I am sorry but I choose not to smoke for many reason but one is because I don't want my child to be exposed to that in our home. After calling the office that problem was fixed but then...

Oh my gosh...really people if you don't know how to make some sexy noise while making love go watch a porno or something. My neighbors like to make love with their windows wide open. I was taking my dog out one time and heard some weird noises and I thought it was an animal til I realized as I was walking up to my apartment that it was coming from my neighbors apartment. It was quite disturbing.

But oh my that was nothing compare to what happened the other night. I kept on hearing their bed hitting the wall for about 30 minutes but hey I expect to hear that right...and then I swore I heard a hyena getting strangled or something and then I heard the end of the noise and it was for sure my neighbor. My goodness people honestly its okay to have sex and make whatever noise you want to but please keep your windows closed cause I do not want to hear that and I am sure no one else here does either. I was so grossed out after that, I wanted to vomit.

Next time I hear them I am going to yell to please close their window or learn to make some better noises cause that is not working.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Cleaning

How do people do this?

This is an American thing, for sure.

Hispanics do not do this.

I had never heard of this until I moved out of my parents house.

This is actually the first year that we have been in one place long enough for me to do it. I started a few weeks ago by cleaning the closets but then haven't done anything else.

Until tonight...I deep cleaned the kitchen. It took me more than 2 hours to finish can't even tell I did anything different than I normally do. I did throw out a bag full of things that I haven't used in over 6 months. I even cleaned the walls.

It feels so good to do some deep cleaning.

Now tomorrow I have my to do list of things that need to be cleaned. I cannot wait till everything is cleaned out and I have gotten rid of unused things.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My testimony

Well it is really hurting right now. Really bad.

It is so easy to not go to church one Sunday and then have be end up being a few months that you haven't gone.

As I have said for a while, this ward that we are in has been a really hard ward for Jon and I. I have gone to some relief society activities but its so weird, I still don't know who the relief society president is. Everyone there is related and I am not kidding, well either related or grew up together in this same town. Its just so weird to me.

Anyways as of late I feel like my parenting is sucking big time and I feel like that has to do with what is going on in my life regarding to church. Things that I know need to be happening are not blessing, hoping that maybe that would help bring back the desire to go to church, read my scriptures and do my prayers.

I kept on praying at home that something would happen. I ended up going to a friends activity and her ward was totally different both the relief society president and the bishop came up to me to see if I was new to the ward. What a difference, and the ladies there were super nice and friendly. So I thought maybe I need to just go to a different ward.

I was having a down day and out of the blue someone in the Elders Quorum presidency called me just to see how things are going. I explained things to him and I right away asked him who our home teachers are because they have never come and thought would be nice to have the presence of someone come once a month here. I think he felt horrible so he told me he was going to assign himself to us and that him and his wife are going to come over to meet us.

On Sunday I decided to go to church and that we would stay for sunday school and put Baby in the nursery. I figured it would just be the same as always being not so nice. Boy was I wrong. I really think God heard and has answered my prayers. I had 2 sisters come up to me and give me hugs and they both have boys around Baby's age. Baby was amazingly behaved all thru sacrament and nursery.

This is exactly what I needed to get that fire burning. I have also started reading the bible stories to Baby every night and he is loving that.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Taking the train

Baby has been non stop talking about trains. They are his favorite thing right now. I have been taking him to the train station here in Ogden and he has a blast but every time he wants to get inside one.

Jon is on spring break so we decided that on Monday we would take the train down to Salt Lake City rain or shine. Baby could not contain his happiness the second he saw we were going to be riding in it. It was the cutest thing.

We had a blast walking around the Gateway Mall (yes I love that place) and taking the TRAX all thru Salt Lake City. Jon also took me to Tucanos which is a brazilian all you can eat bbq place and it was so yummy. Baby did so good the whole day till about the last hour since he hadn't taken a nap. He actually slept the whole ride back home.

I will making this trip a few times this summer, its super cheap and a blast to hang out all over Salt Lake.

This was right after sitting down in the train. He was super excited.

So excited as the train was moving watching things so buy. He would let us know what he was seeing out the window.

This is my cute new nephew.

This was on the way home, he was so tired.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My goal

As you can tell from yesterday's post my new goal in life is to save and save and save until we can buy a McDonalds and from there I want to have 3-4 McDonalds. Do you know that they are one of the few food chains that during this recession have actually made more money than before. Yeah people McDonalds is everything proof.

When I was younger I actually was an assistant manager for one and the owner once told us how much he made from just one store. Even though I know that as an owner after everything gets paid for you only get to keep about 15% lets just say you that would be more money than I would know what to do with. And that's only one store.

I don't think we will ever own a house ever until after we buy a McDonalds because in all honesty we are going to go crazy saving money for this goal.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Owning your own business sucks

No really it does...

There are people who think its the best thing. Let me tell you the only way its the best thing is if you own a McDonalds other than that it sucks.

My husband owns a Pizza restaurant as I have maybe mentioned before so I have first hand knowledge.

I hate telling people that my husband owns a restauran/business because they automatically think, wow those people must have money. Little do they know. I normally do not tell people this until I have known them for a little while because of that.

My husband has put so much time and energy into this store its not even funny. At one point we even had 2 stores, one just closed down in January because it was doing really bad. The one store we have opened still is just barely making it.

The part I probably hate the most is that he never has a day off. Unless we go out of town and even then he is getting phone calls all day long.

Example this whole semester he does not have one single day off, its either school or work. This week is spring break so I figured I could have him all to myself for 3 days. I am such a fool for thinking that. This morning he gets a phone call that he has to go do something for the store cause no one else can, mind you he owns this with his sister and parents basically. I am so mad right now because I told him we should get out of town for 3 days but no why would we ever want to get out of town for 3 days and have a peaceful little vacation. I must be asking for too much here. Well so the day I am sure is now ruined.

People the only way anyone should ever own a store is if you have a McDonalds because then at least you are making a crap load of money and you know as they say shopping can fix anything, haha. So I would be therapy shopping right now. Oh how money would solve my problems for the moment. I did say the moment cause I know money is not everything. It would be really nice to be putting all time and energy into something that was producing some type of something in return.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Pictures from Amanda's trip

At our tour of the Conference Center

Us at Ensign Peak

The deer we saw at Antelope Island. Baby automatically thought they were Santa's reindeer and started saying "ho ho ho, merry christmas" he is so cute and smart.
It was pouring while we were at Antelope Island but we had to take pictures

A friend came to visit

At the beginning of March my friend Amanda came to visit from Philly. I was so excited to have someone stay with us.

We had a blast. I did so many things I probably would never have had she not come out to visit.

On her first day we just hang out at the Gateway Mall. We had lunch there. I love/ walking around the Gateway Mall, for me its relaxing.

Her second day I had a blast, we went again up to the Gateway for some frozen yogurt (which was amazing, one of the best) to meet up with a friend of hers, he was going to take us on a tour of Salt Lake. Once we met up we headed over to the Conference Center and got a tour of it which was really cool. I have been there many a times but never had a tour and the lady who gave the tours was really sweet. Then we went to the Temple grounds, Amanda was shocked at how many brides there were there. We saw about 10 in minutes. It is Utah after all. After that we headed to Ensign Peak and hiked up. I did not wear the right shoes for that but non the less it was a blast and we got some pretty cool pictures. Then we had dinner which wasn't very good but oh well.

Sunday was a crappy day, it rained all day long but we still went out. We took her to Antelope Island and we got to see Bison and Antelope and just see the pretty scenery. After that we went to Jon's store to make pizza and she had a friend come meet her there. I think they had fun making pizza's. For me its just whatever since I do that all the time but whenever we invite people to come and make pizza's at a date or activity they just think its the best.

On Monday we went to Salt Lake to an aviary. It was cold and wet but I really had a good time. I thought it was going to be boring and I was wrong. Baby had a blast seeing all the birds. We had duck following us and Baby thought it was the coolest thing ever. From there we went to a Planetarium which was not as fun as I had thought it was going to be. We dropped Amanda off at a friends house then I headed up to the U to pick up Jon from school and Baby had the melt down of all melt downs. This for sure was the worse I have ever experienced. By the end of it I was in tears and I just felt like the worse mother on the planet. No fun at all.

Tuesday we just hung out here in Ogden and took Bentley to see the trains (which he is obsessed about) and then we walked down 25th street which is a cool thing to do in Ogden.

I have realized I no longer have the energy I did a few years ago. Amanda had so much energy and by the end of her stay I was burned out. I think it happens because you are having to deal with a toddler who screams and cries and throws tantrum over nothing. I however had more fun than I have had all winter long here in Utah. I am so glad that she came out to visit.

Computer problems again

Well our computer that we just had fixed broke again at the end of February and my mac is not working either it needs a new battery and charger.

We are really just not having good luck with our computers but we got our Toshiba back the other day and now we have to buy a restore disc to have it work.

I am going to have to vent for a minute...

People never EVER buy a Toshiba...Jon bought his in October and he did a lot of searching for a good one and the Toshiba got really good ratings so off he went and bought it. Within 4 months it started smoking so we took it in to Best Buy, where we bought the computer. They had it for about a week and said that it was fixed so we bring it home and within 2 weeks it stopped working all together. We again took it back in and this time it had to have everything replaced. I don't know why they just didn't give us a refund at this point. We get the computer back and are told that to get the computer to even work now we need a restore disc that came with the computer. Hello! Who keeps that stuff anyways. I called Toshiba and now they are making me pay for it. I am beyond mad. Not only have we been without a computer for over a month but we had to buy another computer because my husband needs one for school. The customer service was horrible with Toshiba.

A few days after I called I get an email asking me if I would recommend Toshiba, hahaha, I laughed so hard and then got pissed. So I wrote them an email letting them know how horrible their product has been and how I will make sure I never buy one of their products and that anyone I know will be told how much they suck.

I am sure I will never hear anything back from them but it sure did feel good to get that off my back.