Monday, March 28, 2011


Oh my neighbors are something else

We first had a problem with our new neighbor smoking in the bathrooms. Mind you in these apartments no one is allowed to smoke indoors so that is a big no no. The first time I smelled it I was shocked and thought maybe this was just a one time thing but no it happened every night after that so I called the office on them. I am sorry but I choose not to smoke for many reason but one is because I don't want my child to be exposed to that in our home. After calling the office that problem was fixed but then...

Oh my gosh...really people if you don't know how to make some sexy noise while making love go watch a porno or something. My neighbors like to make love with their windows wide open. I was taking my dog out one time and heard some weird noises and I thought it was an animal til I realized as I was walking up to my apartment that it was coming from my neighbors apartment. It was quite disturbing.

But oh my that was nothing compare to what happened the other night. I kept on hearing their bed hitting the wall for about 30 minutes but hey I expect to hear that right...and then I swore I heard a hyena getting strangled or something and then I heard the end of the noise and it was for sure my neighbor. My goodness people honestly its okay to have sex and make whatever noise you want to but please keep your windows closed cause I do not want to hear that and I am sure no one else here does either. I was so grossed out after that, I wanted to vomit.

Next time I hear them I am going to yell to please close their window or learn to make some better noises cause that is not working.

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Paola said...

you are too funny!