Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Owning your own business sucks

No really it does...

There are people who think its the best thing. Let me tell you the only way its the best thing is if you own a McDonalds other than that it sucks.

My husband owns a Pizza restaurant as I have maybe mentioned before so I have first hand knowledge.

I hate telling people that my husband owns a restauran/business because they automatically think, wow those people must have money. Little do they know. I normally do not tell people this until I have known them for a little while because of that.

My husband has put so much time and energy into this store its not even funny. At one point we even had 2 stores, one just closed down in January because it was doing really bad. The one store we have opened still is just barely making it.

The part I probably hate the most is that he never has a day off. Unless we go out of town and even then he is getting phone calls all day long.

Example this whole semester he does not have one single day off, its either school or work. This week is spring break so I figured I could have him all to myself for 3 days. I am such a fool for thinking that. This morning he gets a phone call that he has to go do something for the store cause no one else can, mind you he owns this with his sister and parents basically. I am so mad right now because I told him we should get out of town for 3 days but no why would we ever want to get out of town for 3 days and have a peaceful little vacation. I must be asking for too much here. Well so the day I am sure is now ruined.

People the only way anyone should ever own a store is if you have a McDonalds because then at least you are making a crap load of money and you know as they say shopping can fix anything, haha. So I would be therapy shopping right now. Oh how money would solve my problems for the moment. I did say the moment cause I know money is not everything. It would be really nice to be putting all time and energy into something that was producing some type of something in return.

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Saul Goodman said...

i can confirm this, own a business sucks, especially small one, making no money, working all day long, lots of stress