Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A friend came to visit

At the beginning of March my friend Amanda came to visit from Philly. I was so excited to have someone stay with us.

We had a blast. I did so many things I probably would never have had she not come out to visit.

On her first day we just hang out at the Gateway Mall. We had lunch there. I love/ walking around the Gateway Mall, for me its relaxing.

Her second day I had a blast, we went again up to the Gateway for some frozen yogurt (which was amazing, one of the best) to meet up with a friend of hers, he was going to take us on a tour of Salt Lake. Once we met up we headed over to the Conference Center and got a tour of it which was really cool. I have been there many a times but never had a tour and the lady who gave the tours was really sweet. Then we went to the Temple grounds, Amanda was shocked at how many brides there were there. We saw about 10 in minutes. It is Utah after all. After that we headed to Ensign Peak and hiked up. I did not wear the right shoes for that but non the less it was a blast and we got some pretty cool pictures. Then we had dinner which wasn't very good but oh well.

Sunday was a crappy day, it rained all day long but we still went out. We took her to Antelope Island and we got to see Bison and Antelope and just see the pretty scenery. After that we went to Jon's store to make pizza and she had a friend come meet her there. I think they had fun making pizza's. For me its just whatever since I do that all the time but whenever we invite people to come and make pizza's at a date or activity they just think its the best.

On Monday we went to Salt Lake to an aviary. It was cold and wet but I really had a good time. I thought it was going to be boring and I was wrong. Baby had a blast seeing all the birds. We had duck following us and Baby thought it was the coolest thing ever. From there we went to a Planetarium which was not as fun as I had thought it was going to be. We dropped Amanda off at a friends house then I headed up to the U to pick up Jon from school and Baby had the melt down of all melt downs. This for sure was the worse I have ever experienced. By the end of it I was in tears and I just felt like the worse mother on the planet. No fun at all.

Tuesday we just hung out here in Ogden and took Bentley to see the trains (which he is obsessed about) and then we walked down 25th street which is a cool thing to do in Ogden.

I have realized I no longer have the energy I did a few years ago. Amanda had so much energy and by the end of her stay I was burned out. I think it happens because you are having to deal with a toddler who screams and cries and throws tantrum over nothing. I however had more fun than I have had all winter long here in Utah. I am so glad that she came out to visit.

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