Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The rest of July

The rest of July was a little more relaxed than the beginning of it.

Bentley started his second round of swim lessons which he loved and has gotten so good at swimming. I am one proud mama. He just catches on to things so easily.

We mainly hung out at Meme's house and started doing some school work which he actually really enjoyed. We did a lot of swimming, bike riding, going on walks to feed the ducks and running around the golf course.

One day we woke up from a nap to it being really dark outside when I looked out the mountains were on fire. It's crazy how fast a fire can develop. The fire went on for about a week before they had it under control. The winds were bringing all the smoke and ash right to us so our cars were filled with ash and just walking outside you felt like you might end up with cancer. The smoke from it completely blocked the sun for at least 5 days so we had some very gloomy days.

One Sunday Meme send us all to Chuckie Cheese which was a blast for the children. Bentley loves that place but I am sure all kids do. 

We also spend our last few days with my dog as the apartment we had gotten didn't allow pets so she will be living with my mom.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Disney day 2

On our second and final day we woke up early so we could take advantage of the pass we had to get in an hour earlier. Plus we had breakfast reservations so we wanted to get in as much fun before breakfast. For our second day we wanted to hit up California Adventure, they now have Carsland there and we had heard great things and lets just say it didn't disappoint. We got on the Mater ride first and it was really fun. Then we walked around just to see what rides we would want to do after breakfast. Then we came across bugs land or whatever its called and that was really cute so we went on 2 rides there, the bumper cars and a floating balloon one. Bentley really liked the bumper cars.

Then it was time to walk to the restaurant and this was a trek, honestly we were about to give up and call it quits but I love breakfast food and told Jon there was no way we were missing this. It was so far away. Then we got there and even though we had a reservation we had to wait about 45 minutes to be seated. The food here was good not amazing but not bad. However their Mickey waffles were the bomb and I must've had at least 10 of them, no joke. I must find this recipe. Bentley got to meet more characters but my all time favorite was Stitch, he was so nice to Bentley and kept coming around and being silly with Bentley. My favorite memory from this meal was when Bentley pulled out his Mickey stickers and went around the restaurant giving other kids the stickers. I'm sure parents thought we had put it up to it but this was all Bentley's doing, he said he wanted to share his stickers with other kids. I love my boy.

It was such a hot day, in the 90's, so kinda miserable for walking around. This day we knew to pay for a stroller for Bentley so he wasn't as whinny. We had to do the cars ride which we knew would be a long wait so we got in line to wait and waiting we did. It was so long, well over and hour but totally worth it. I loved it and would have done it again but Bentley said the wait wasn't worth it. We then went on the ferris wheel. Let me tell you, I am deathly afraid of these things but for years I have been on a mission to stop being afraid of them and try to go on one every time I can. Up to now it hasn't worked but after this one I will never again go on one. This ferris wheel was like none other because its on a track the shape of an oval and the whole time kept on moving. I really prayed like crazy and totally freaked Bentley out so I am sure he will never want to go on one either. The people in there with us I am sure made fun of me for days but I didn't think I would make it out alive. After my traumatizing experience I needed to go on a fun kid friendly ride so we did another Toy Story one and it became Bentley favorite. 

I had heard about pineapple whip from Disney and how amazing it was and the day before there was a huge line at it so I had told Jon before we left I had to try it. So off we went into Disney for me to try this amazing ice cream thing. I get in line which is out in the open with the sun hitting me and was in line for 30 minutes at least maybe more. Craziness! I got one of each thing on their menu cause I wasn't about to get in line again for something else. Can I just say I was disappointed, now had I never heard of this and came across it on my own I probably would have liked it however after hearing about it for years and waiting in line for that long and in the blaring sun I was not as convinced that this was worth all of that. I could even make that at home if I really wanted to. 

All in all I think those two days were the most magical days of my life, honestly. I was in lalaland and loved every minute of it. So worth the small fortune you spend to get in. We are now on a mission to save enough money to get season passes which with our small budget might take a year or more.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Disney Day 1

As my birthday present my aunt send us to Disneyland!

Can I just tell you I was brought to tears when I found out.

I have never been to Disney my whole life so the fact that I was getting to experience it with Bentley for our first time was so awesome.

I had know for a few days this was happening but we didn't tell Bentley until we were 30 minutes away. He was shocked and probably still to sleepy to really fully understand what was going on.

We got to our hotel bright and early. Checked in and went right away to Disney. Our Hotel was right by California Adventure so still pretty close to Disney.

What a magical place, really. 

We walked around for a bit just trying to take everything in. We went on a train ride then we headed to the Dumbo ride which for me was a must, I had dream about this for years, I mean decades of being able to ride the Dumbo ride and the tea cups. Dumbo ride was boring but I had to do it and have a picture taken. Then we headed to the tea cups and they were having some problems with it so closed it down. I was kinda bummed since that was one of my must but oh well I survived. Right after that we went over to Mickey's Toontown, this was Bentley's favorite place. I also loved it here. They had rides that were cool enough for me but not too scary for Bentley. His favorite was the roller coaster and kept on asking to take him back, we should've. Then we tried to go on one ride, I cant remember the name but it's been there forever, but Bentley was less than an each too short for it. He was so sad he was too short because he was sure he had grown, poor kid. We then headed to Splash Mountain which was so fun but I am sure we will never be able to get Bentley to go on it again. My all time favorite ride that we did that day was the Pirated of the Caribbean. Disney really doesn't mess around with their rides, they are truly an experience from start to finish, even Bentley liked this ride which is shocking since he normally doesn't like dark things. Jon had been to Disney before so he knew the cool rides to get on which was nice. 

The day went by so fast and before we knew it, it was time for our dinner reservation over at Goofy's Kitchen. This was a far walk for us and Bentley was not at all happy. These character dinners are not worth the money really. I am glad we did it for Bentley but that will never again be happening. The food isn't all that great, specially when you just paid a small fortune to get in. 

Then we headed back to Disney to get on some more rides and watch the fireworks. We got on the Toy Story ride and some space one. Bentley kept on talking about the Nemo ride so finally we decided to go, it was the longest wait we had had all day. It probably took over an hour to get on this ride which is a submarine. At first I was mad we had just waited all that time for what we were seeing but it got better. Not sure I will ever go on it again unless of course Bentley wants to. By then it was time to go find a spot to watch the fireworks at. Holy cow was I blown away at the amazing show Disney puts on every single night. Bentley as usual fell asleep before the fireworks and woke up very sad the next day that he had missed them.

I used to not understand why people paid the crazy amounts they did to go to Disney but now I get it. This place is just magical! The customer service here is amazing, they really have their stuff figured out.  

Things I learned:
-bring a stroller, this is a must unless your kids are over 6, honestly
-the food inside Disney is not expensive at all, so have dinner there
-never pay for character dinning
-you can bring your own food
-come prepared to do a lot of walking
-Disney is not the place to make a fashion statement, its about comfort

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My 29th birthday

I had a pretty good birthday.

My uncle allowed us to stay at a hotel he had gotten for while family was in town and no one was using it so of we went to a really nice hotel. I t had the most amazing golf course views. It was truly a treat to wake up on my birthday to such an amazing view.

I woke up early so I could see the sun rising. Then Jon got breakfast ready and brought it out to the balcony for me to enjoy. It was a quiet and relaxing morning. Once Bentley woke up he run up to me and said happy birthday followed by kisses and hugs. I truly love this boy.

Funny thing is whenever it's someones birthday Bentley cannot understand it, how can it be someones birthday and not his. You know cause this world revolve around him.....we clearly got things to work on with him. In the one picture below you can see him crying cause he was just not happy the it was my birthday and not his. 

After being out for part of the day I came back to my aunts house to a beautiful cupcake bouquet from my girlfriend back home. I swear I have the best friends. Later that day we had a family dinner for my birthday which was very nice and super yummy. All in all it was a very good day. Grateful to have another year on this beautiful earth. I am hoping 29 will be the best year in my 20's and so far so good.

Right before bed my brother let me know he was leaving that night to go back to Utah so I had to shave his head as per tradition. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July family vacation

Most 4th of July we celebrate as a family in Lake Arrowhead and honestly it's my favorite family get together. The kids have a blast making memories. They jump, yell, run, scream and of course fight and I just love watching them play as cousins and make good memories. Oh and my brother drove out from Utah to join us in the fun which I was happy about.

This year was probably one of my most favorite 4th of July. We just had such a good time and for the first time in a very long time I just let loose. I didn't worry about my hair or what I looked like and just went with the flow. I jumped in the lake more times than I can remember which was a blast. I got to hang out with all my nieces and nephews and they are all just getting so big. I think the first 2 days were mainly spend in the water with the kids.

On the 4th their was a pony ride that the kids wanted to go on so we took them all to that which I am sure was a blast for them. Everyone did a little fishing and boating, our one cousin kept on catching catfish nonstop it felt like while I still haven't caught a single one. The sunsets on the lake are the absolute best and I always make Jon take me at least twice so I can see it from the boat. We had some yummy dinners. The fireworks this year were the best I have ever seen on the lake and we got to be pretty close to them, close enough that Jon ended up with ash in his eyes. Of course as per tradition Bentley fell asleep 10 minutes before the fireworks started and slept right through them. Then he wakes up the next day asking when we are going to see the fireworks because he has been waiting all night long. 

I got to do some relaxing too which was needed by the end of the week. I fell asleep outside and when I woke up I found a picture of me asleep and our cousin Houng being silly. I love this woman! She is from Philly so we totally get each other.  The last 2 days we were there we had bonfires and got to roast marshmallows and just hang out under the stars and talk. The last night the boys decided they were going to have a dance party in the dark with the kids. Probably my favorite moment from the vacation. They were all dancing and laughing and just having the best time ever. This is what family time is all about. So glad we get to do this every year with the people we love the most.