Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My 29th birthday

I had a pretty good birthday.

My uncle allowed us to stay at a hotel he had gotten for while family was in town and no one was using it so of we went to a really nice hotel. I t had the most amazing golf course views. It was truly a treat to wake up on my birthday to such an amazing view.

I woke up early so I could see the sun rising. Then Jon got breakfast ready and brought it out to the balcony for me to enjoy. It was a quiet and relaxing morning. Once Bentley woke up he run up to me and said happy birthday followed by kisses and hugs. I truly love this boy.

Funny thing is whenever it's someones birthday Bentley cannot understand it, how can it be someones birthday and not his. You know cause this world revolve around him.....we clearly got things to work on with him. In the one picture below you can see him crying cause he was just not happy the it was my birthday and not his. 

After being out for part of the day I came back to my aunts house to a beautiful cupcake bouquet from my girlfriend back home. I swear I have the best friends. Later that day we had a family dinner for my birthday which was very nice and super yummy. All in all it was a very good day. Grateful to have another year on this beautiful earth. I am hoping 29 will be the best year in my 20's and so far so good.

Right before bed my brother let me know he was leaving that night to go back to Utah so I had to shave his head as per tradition. 

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