Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I love dairy

I could honestly live off of dairy.

Honestly I am not lying I really could. However my body has decided that it wants nothing to do with it.

After getting married I noticed that whenever I had dairy I would have really bad stomach aches. I started to get lactose free milk and to take some pills whenever I had dairy and that seemed to help for a while. The pills worked for a few months then I think my body became immune to them but the lactose free milk worked for a long time. While pregnant I ate all the cheese and sour cream I wanted my first trimester since that was the only thing I could actually eat and I noticed that I wasn't having any stomach aches.

Hallejujah!! I was the happiest person alive. That was only for 9 months, then my son was born and whenever I had dairy he had stomach problems so no dairy it was for almost a year which was super hard. Now my baby can have all the dairy he wants with no problems but me on the other hand its a different story.

About 3 weeks ago I was at my cousins house and she gave me some ice cream, which by the way was delicious, but let me tell you what that ice cream was torture for not only me but my poor husband too for 2 whole weeks. I am not lying I was a mess at night, I had the worst gas. I know TMI but oh well. Last week I decided I am done with dairy and went the whole week with out having any dairy but by Sunday I just had to have some and I did. Worst mistake of my life the next 12 hours I spend in the toilet throwing everything up.

Well I guess I got the point now no more dairy for me. I am super sad but it has to be done.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

First Birthday Party

We had Baby's First birthday party yesterday and I had a blast. It was a monkey theme since we have called him our monkey since day one, so yellow and brown were the colors I chose. It was a small party just family and one of my good friends with her two daughter who Baby just loves.

I had been stressing for days about the cake and finally I decided I would make a monkey shape cake and decorate it and then I would make a jumbo cup cake for Baby to go at. The night before the party I cooked both cake. The jumbo cupcake turned out perfect, at least I thought, but the monkey came out fine except for the face it was stuck to the pan. By that point it was 1 in the morning so I went to bed and left it for the morning to try again. I made it again and it came out perfect and then when I tried to move it to the tray it almost broke in half so by that point I decided too much had happened for me to even try and decorate it. I was too nervous I would ruin it. My cousin decided that to give it some color we would just put the frosting on the side of it. It didn't look as bad as it could have. Then the cup cake, Ahhhh! That was another problem it started to crumble as we were decorating it and so by the time we finished it no longer looked like a cup cake but just a blub of something.

Baby was so happy the whole time until I decided that he needed to blow out a candle on his cake. BIG mistake! What was I thinking? Children and fire do not mix well together. Well he decided he wanted to touch the lit candle and ended up burning his little finger. The picture below was right before it happened. After that he wanted nothing to do with his cake. So sad. His finger turned out to be ok, so no worries there.

This is all the girls in my family who actually live in USA.

All in all it turned out really well and we had a blast. Baby got enough toys and clothes for the rest of the year. Baby had so much fun he came home a crashed. He didn't even cry to go to sleep.

Monday, April 5, 2010


I have decided that Easter is Christmas and Halloween combined into one holiday.

I was looking at people's pictures of Easter on facebook and their kids get tons of toys and tons of candy. I'm not sure what I think about this.

We went to my SIL's home for lunch yesterday and it wasn't as bad, she did get candy and some toys but clearly not as much as some kids do. Baby on the other hand got nothing cause I am confused as what you do with children for this holiday because growing up in Costa Rica we didn't do anything like they do in the States. In Costa Rica is more about the food you eat and children are required to be very quiet during the weekend of Easter. Anyways...going back to my SIL's house, my niece had these carrots full of just colored sugar and Baby got ahold of one of them and he was going to town with it. As soon as I saw this going on I was on top of him taking it out of his hands. Sugar and Baby do not mix well together. Let me just tell you that last night was rough, he had way too much energy and then today he did not take a morning nap there was no way of getting him down.

I give him candy sometimes if I am eating a piece but its not a carrots full of sugar. I cannot believe they sell that stuff for kids.

On a different note...while I was trying to give him a nap he got off the bed and went to a corner to play with some toys and I heard him pooping. I tell Jon to please get me some wipes and a diaper. When he gets up to go get them he notices Baby has taken part of his diaper off. I got up to see that Baby got really his whole diaper off and pooped on the carpet. To top it off he steps on it and as I go to grab him he falls on his butt which still had a piece of poop on so now there is poop on his foot and smeared on his butt and the carpet.

The beauty of having a baby.

Lesson learned though I will no longer let him walk around without a onesie on.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sleeping update

Everything was going great. Baby was falling asleep before I could even get to reading a bedtime story. Then we went to Las Vegas, that completely ruined it and now my parents are in town and he wants nothing to do with sleeping. I guess back to square one it is. This whole thing is harder than I thought but oh well.

I am sure that trying to get him out of our bed will be even harder. Maybe that's why he is still in our bed, I personally do not want to have to go thru that yet.

There are times I think he will stay in our bed till he can actually talk and tell me that he wants his own room and bed.