Thursday, September 18, 2008

A lot to catch up on.

Well it has been a while since I have written on here. We have moved from Provo to Northern Utah. Since the store is opening soon we decided we needed to live near by. We have been here for about a month and we really like it here. It's a small town so that's kinda different for all of us. Oh we are all living together which is Jon, me, Annie, Ava, mom and dad. Its crazy living all together and kinda hard but its getting better. 
About the store, it will be opening in 3 weeks and we are super excited. The sign is already up and I will have to get a picture of it up on here. Everyone in our new ward is really excited about it and are telling everyone they come across. 
About my pregnancy, I think I am starting to get over morning sickness but let me tell you for a month there I was hating life. It was an all day thing and not fun. I couldn't even leave the house cause I was too nervous that at any moment I would be throwing up. For the past week I have had morning sickness a little bit in the morning but once I have breakfast its gone and then a little at night when I take my vitamins. Once its completely over it will be amazing. I have my first real doctor appointment on Monday, I cannot wait. So I have been really thinking that it might be twins but who knows, I'll find out soon enough. But then the other night I had a dream it was a baby boy and I even remembered what it looked like. Well I haven't gained any weigh yet but my belly is starting to show.