Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Activities

My sister-in-law thought of making this and while our kids played we made these. It such an easy project and so cute. I love it. This will be something I make every year from now on. I am in love with making the little pumpkins and I have started making a punch more but in Fall colors for Thanksgiving. Here is the link of a tutorial on how to make them. I wish I could take credit for them but I have to give credit where its deserved.

As I have said before my husband spends Mondays and Tuesdays in Salt Lake City since he is in school all day long and just spends the nights at his parents who happen to live minutes away from the school. I have way too much anxiety to stay home by myself so I have my brother, Aaron, stay with me those days and we try to find fun things to do that can involve Baby somehow or he can be around for it and not mess it up. We of course had to carve some pumpkins. I think they turned out ok but by the next day they were growing mold, ewww, as Baby would say. This was only the second time in my whole life I have ever carved a pumpkin and it was so much fun. I think my brother and I laughed for about 3 hours straight.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Bee Sting

I HATE bees. Cannot stand to look at them or hear them or anything that has to do with them. I think they are a waste of space and should just all die. No really they should. I have only been stung once in my life, well until yesterday. I was at my cousin's house watching Baby play with their dogs and taking pictures and all of a sudden I felt like I a needle was going into my foot. Holy cow it hurt. I immediately scream so Baby comes over, he wasn't far actually he was right next to me and almost puts his hand down where the stupid bee is stinging me. I fling it off and I killed it cause it was not getting away with stinging me and not dying. Oh no, it messed with the wrong person. Anyways...I am a super dramatic person, my husband would say I would be amazing at acting. I start screaming and my cousin's son runs downstairs to find out what is going on and he was so sweet and got honey out cause he said that's what his mom does when someone gets stung. I put it on but wow I was in pain and my foot was starting to swell up. So by now I start screaming "oh wow this hurts worst than labor", mind you I didn't go thru too much pain during labor since I got an epidural at 2 cm. My cousin's daughters get really worried to runs to the bathroom where her mom is showering and tells her something really bad is happening to me since I am saying I am in worst pain than labor. My cousin run out of the shower and comes running downstairs to find me on her couch almost ready to cry. She laughed so hard at me. I couldn't believe it, I told her clearly she had never been stung cause it hurt bad. Poor Baby kept on coming over all worried about me. No one believed me that I was in pain not even my husband he laughed at me for being such a girl. I told him I hope he gets stung so he can know how much it hurts but then I thought about it and it wouldn't even hurt him I swear, his tolerance for pain is super high. I could barely walk for 2 days on that foot and then it was swollen for 4 days and now it just itches so bad. That stupid bee had to ruin a perfectly fine day. Did I mention I hate them? However I am glad that stupid bee stung me and not Baby.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Witches party too

My cousin and I were invited to a Halloween party and it was all about witches. We had a blast. I am so sad that I didn't bring my camera because the house was beautifully decorated and everything was so well organized. I left at 8:30 because my mom was done with Baby but my cousin stayed till 10:00 and she said the party continued on till midnight. These ladies were not playing around.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I really love sewing, crafting and just making things and using my imagination.

Baby's room is a Car's themed room so I made him this blanket and he loves it. Every time we leave the house it has to come with us and he will not go to sleep until its over him. I love the fact that I made it for him and he likes it so much. I am in the process of making him a quilt for his bed but its taking forever.

Aren't these cute? I figured I better get ready on making some Thanksgiving crafts and these were super easy to make.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


The company my husband order the food for his business thru has a food show twice a year and we always go because they pay for out hotel, gas and food. We just can't say no to that. Normally they have it in Boise, Idaho at a beautiful hotel but this time they had it in Jackpot, NV. First of all when my husband said Nevada I got super excited thinking it was near Vegas. I didn't even know Nevada touched Idaho. I know I was never good at geography. Anyways we took my brother with us and it was a good trip. The food show was smaller than normal but we got money to gamble with. My husband and brother gambled a little and they actually made some money which was good. We didn't waste one single penny of our own the whole trip and had left over by the time we got home.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Decor

For years I have hated Halloween but since having Baby for some reason I have felt excited about it which is funny since I always told my husband the day we had a child we would never celebrate Halloween but oh how you change once you have a child. All the weird ideas you had go out the window.

Last year Baby was too little to really know what was going on but I still dressed him up for it but this year I knew I needed to decorate for it and I had a blast.

Since taking these pictures I have added more stuff and changed things around a little but enjoy!