Friday, August 22, 2008

Morning sickness

It's happening. I thought that maybe some how I was one of those lucky people that do not get morning sickness while pregnant but I'm not that lucky. My mom last week kept saying that if I didn't have it by then it was not going to happen but it did. The last few days have been horrible, it's not morning sickness its all day sickness. I hate it. I don't understand why women do this to themselves over and over. I told Jon the other night as I was about to throw up that I don't know if I could do this to myself again. Adoption is looking really good. Everyone keeps telling me its worth it, I guess I'll have to see in 7 months.  

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Jon!

Today my wonderful husband turn 25, wow he is getting old, jk. He is such an amazing person, I love him so much. I don't know what my life would be without him. I just cannot believe how lucky I am to have found him. Happy Birthday Love! I love you more than you will ever know.

We found our car, YAY!

I cannot believe this. As Jon and I are driving back from church we see a car that looks like mine and as we get closer we saw the Utah sticker in the front and the Chargers sticker in the back. Jon stayed with the car while I drove up to the house to get a phone since neither of us had one. I called the police and when they got there they told us to go look and see if there was anything in it that was not ours. The person who stole our car was really stupid, they left a McDonald's drink in there a woman's bag in there with baby girl toys. In the bag there was a baby bottle and a sippy cup. The police officer also found a finger print on the rear view mirror. I hope they found who did that and they pay for it. Specially if they had a baby with them when they did it. How horrible. The funny thing is that this person just drove the car down the hill and left it there with the windows open. They must have realized that the equipment in the back was taking the whole back and they couldn't have anyone else with them. And since the equipment weighs about 400 pounds each they couldn't do it themselves. The scary thing is that they must have found the sensor key that mom had lost in there cause the car would not start up. So we now have our car parked in the garage so that whoever stole it can't come back for it. If they looked and found the key and left their stuff in the car they must have thought they were going to come back for the car. Oh well, at least we were lucky enough to have found it. Thank goodness we went to church, right? Well that made our day.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our car was just stolen!

I don't know what else can go wrong but my white mitsubishi outlander just got stolen. Can you believe that? And the worst part was that we had really expensive equipment for the stores, so we are really upset about it. I thought we lived in a nice neighborhood, lesson learned I guess. You are not safe anywhere, not even in Provo (happy valley). Poor Jon is about to lose his mind. This is the second car in 2 years that something has happened to. Well pray that we can find it in one piece and not burned and that the pizza equipment is still in the car. We just paid a load of money for it.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I got to go to Los Angeles/find out I am pregnant!

Last week Jon and I went to California, again. I went for 2 days up to Los Angeles to stay with my friend Jen. It was such a blast. Jon's parents took us all to Korea town for dinner at a BBQ place, the food was amazing. That same night Jen, Jackson and I went to the Griffith Observatory and I got to see the "Hollywood" sign but it was took dark to take pictures. 

The following day we decided to go the the Americana at Brant, which is an outside mall. It was amazing, tons of expensive stores. We went to this really nice mexican restaurant called Frida, it was for sure the best mexican restaurant ever. We got their tampiquena with mole sauce, it was just amazing food and service. I highly recommended if you are in the LA area. We also got to see the group En Vogue at an outdoor concert it was pretty good.

That night Jen took me to a new frozen yogurt place that is now the coolest thing in California. I fell in love with the place and once I was down in San Diego I made Jon drive for like an hour to get me to one of these, that's how good it is.

Oh my goodness this is a good story. So my period was about 5 days late and so Jen happened to have a pregnancy test at her house. So last thursday before leaving to go back down to San Diego I did the home pregnancy test and within less than a minute there were 2 lines, I woke Jen up cause I couldn't believe it and made sure I wasn't seeing things. And she said it was positive, AHHHH!! I was in complete shock, we were not expecting this. So I tried calling Jon but he wouldn't answer so I called my mom and told her, she was surprised too. Finally I got ahold of Jon and he would not believe me. I didn't want to believe I was pregnant till I went to a clinic and was told by a health professional. But here is the first pregnancy test I took. Ahhh!! I'm gonna be a mom how crazy.