Monday, May 31, 2010


I am loving using my sewing machine and my creative mind and making cute things. This past week I have decided that I need to create an etsy account and start selling things that I make so that I can make some money to help Jon out. I am making right now some mobiles, once I have it all made I will take pictures of it and put it up so you guys can see. Hopefully I can actually sell them.

I belong in California

Doesn't everyone think that? I love when I get to go to California. When Jon and I first got married we used to go at least every other month and I took it for granted. Now that we only get to go a few times a year I really do enjoy it when I go. This time we went for almost a week and the weather was so much better than it was in February. We had swimming weather for most of the trip.

I love being on vacation, no cleaning, cooking, having to be on schedule. Just doing what I want when I want it, well maybe not when I want its more like when Baby wants. Still it is so relaxing.

Baby gets so much attention he loves it. He is such a sweet kid, loves everyone and wants to be friends with everyone. He did so good on the trip down and back. The whole family just adored him and he was totally working it with them. Smiling at everyone, blowing kisses, making eyes to them. One night we all went to dinner and he just totally put on a show the whole time we were there and they just could not believe how good he was.

One of my favorite things that I get to do is eat grapefruits and so I made Jon go and get me some.

The other fun part was hanging out with Jon's friend, his wife and son. Ok can I just say that their son is super cute. I was so jealous we went out to eat and he was just eating everything they gave him no questions asked. I could only wish Baby was that easy to feed. Anyways we hang out with them at a water park and then the following day the boys went golfing while us girls went to the pool with the kiddos. I had a blast she was so much fun. To top it off Baby really liked their son who is only 2 months older.

All in all it was a good vacation and much needed one. We will be back in California for July 4th. That's my husbands family annual family get together. Cannot wait for that one to come.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Well my testimony has been struggling for a while now and the last 2 months have been the worst. I cannot seem to find the desire to do any scripture reading or FHE or even go to church. This is horrible I know. Since moving to this new place we stopped going to church slowly cause we don't really like the people there we feel like outsiders and then everything else has stopped.

I have been feeling guilty and so this week I had been praying to God to please give me the desire to want to go back to church. Every night when I am breast feeding Baby I meditate and while doing that I have been talking to God, hoping that he would listen to me. Then on Friday I lost my car keys, which is not at all uncommon. However this time I was really not able to find them anywhere. I looked thru the whole house, outside, the trash, you name it I looked in there. Finally I called Jon and let him know what I had done. Ok, let me explain this key is electronic and so to replace it would cost over $360. I was pretty bummed. When Jon got home he looked again thru the trash and the dirty clothes and then the car to see if he could see it from outside. At the same time I went to put Baby down and while feeding him I started to talk to God again. This time I said Heavenly Father please if there is any way possible and no one has taken my key please guide me to where they are or let me know where I should look. No lie at that same moment I had a thought cross my mind and it was the Baby playing in the utensil drawer. After putting Baby in the crib I come to the kitchen and ask my husband if he found the key, he tells me he did but says "you won't believe where I found them". Yup, in the utensil drawer.

This was what I have been needing. It gave me chills and all. It also made me realize once again that I am a daughter of God and that he is listening to me even when I am not doing everything I should. He loves me no matter what. It also shocked me at how fast he answered my prayer.

To say the least it has been the little boost I needed to get my butt to church. At least for sacrament since its the only thing Baby will make it thru.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day

I think we need to celebrate Mother's Day once a month. Don't you guys agree? We do so much that it's only fair.

I had a great Mother's day. Jon has spoiled me these 2 last years.

I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father for having given me the opportunity to become a mother. There is no better calling in life. I get so much joy out of being a mom.

Can I just say though that I do not know how there are women out there who are working mothers. They are amazing people because I would have lost my mind by now. I think it takes a very strong women to be able to do that and I am not that strong. So for those mother's who work outside of the home you guys need more praising.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sleeping is going amazing

Well after starting a sleeping routine a while ago and trying to get Baby to fall asleep on his own everything was going well. Until we went on vacation and everything got ruined.

After coming back from Vegas it was a struggle to get him to fall asleep and then to top it off he wanted to be on the booby ALL night long. He would wake up in the morning not very well rested and neither was I.

Last week I got to my breaking point, I honestly felt I was going crazy. I could no longer handle his whining and him not paying attention to me. It was like everything I told him to not do he would do as if to get attention. The one day I was at my cousins house and I had to leave out of there in complete despair. He was trying to ruin her palm tree and was going up and down the stairs and ended up falling the whole stair case. Was throwing dirt on the floor from the plans and was just throwing tantrums for no reason. My cousin saw how embarrassed and frustrated I was and gave me a piece of advice. She told me to put him to sleep at night on his own. This is the one and only thing I did not want to do. I love sleeping with my Baby and I was really sad but after feeling how I was feeling I called my husband and told him we needed to get at least a playpen for Baby to sleep in at night.

That same night I did the bed time routine and after feeding him I put him in the playpen to sleep. He cried for 30 minutes and it felt like forever but finally he stopped. I was shocked he had actually fallen asleep. We have now been doing it for about a week and he is now falling asleep within 5 minutes of me putting him down. Not only that but he slept the whole night without waking up last night. Also his whole behavior has done a complete 180. There is no more whining, listens to me, is way more cuddlie and to top it off is eating so much. I am a happy mom.

For mothers day we went over to my cousins house and she was in shock of how good he was behaving. He listened to me the whole time, ate dinner, played by himself. He was even making everyone laughs with the things he was doing. I could not be happier. What a great gift for Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I have started quilting, well sewing I haven't started the quilting part yet but this is what I have so far. It has been so stress relieving.

Did you know how expensive quilting frames are? My gosh I would have to sell a kidney to get one so I decide I am going to get my husband to make me one so till that happens I guess I can only do the sewing part on quilts.

I have started 2 quilts one I have all sandwiched up just waiting to be quilted and the other one I just barely started. Here is my first one though and this is the front.

This is the back of it.
What do you think?