Monday, May 31, 2010

I belong in California

Doesn't everyone think that? I love when I get to go to California. When Jon and I first got married we used to go at least every other month and I took it for granted. Now that we only get to go a few times a year I really do enjoy it when I go. This time we went for almost a week and the weather was so much better than it was in February. We had swimming weather for most of the trip.

I love being on vacation, no cleaning, cooking, having to be on schedule. Just doing what I want when I want it, well maybe not when I want its more like when Baby wants. Still it is so relaxing.

Baby gets so much attention he loves it. He is such a sweet kid, loves everyone and wants to be friends with everyone. He did so good on the trip down and back. The whole family just adored him and he was totally working it with them. Smiling at everyone, blowing kisses, making eyes to them. One night we all went to dinner and he just totally put on a show the whole time we were there and they just could not believe how good he was.

One of my favorite things that I get to do is eat grapefruits and so I made Jon go and get me some.

The other fun part was hanging out with Jon's friend, his wife and son. Ok can I just say that their son is super cute. I was so jealous we went out to eat and he was just eating everything they gave him no questions asked. I could only wish Baby was that easy to feed. Anyways we hang out with them at a water park and then the following day the boys went golfing while us girls went to the pool with the kiddos. I had a blast she was so much fun. To top it off Baby really liked their son who is only 2 months older.

All in all it was a good vacation and much needed one. We will be back in California for July 4th. That's my husbands family annual family get together. Cannot wait for that one to come.

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