Saturday, February 25, 2012

His eating!

I think when I tell people I have a picky eater they truly don't understand what I mean. My child has about 10 different thing he will eat and that's it. Lately he had lost interest in some of those things. Its so bad. I worry about him all day long and then it becomes a struggle and a control issue. I have prayed, cried, screamed, bribed you get the point. The only way I can get him to eat veggies is by putting purée into pancake mix. I no longer knew what to do so I just kept the normal things he will eat in the fridge at all times and gave up on trying to feed him anything else. I started giving him 2 pediasures a day to make up for the differences in nutrition.

This week I have been beyond shocked. Something has happened. The first major thing was that all of a sudden after 4 months of refusing mac'n'cheese he asked me to make him some. I could not believe my ears and just figured I would cook it and then he would say "yuck" but I was wrong he ate a bowl full. I just thought that was a one time thing but after that he ate amazing for his babysitter to the point she was shocked too. Then on Thursday he woke up saying that he eats "carrots, vegetables and broccoli" he told me he needed to eat those things to be big and strong and "punch everyone out". I am worried about that last part but if that gets him to eat more by all means he can think he will "punch everyone out". Then Friday he asked me to feed him broccoli I almost passed out. While eating it he kept on saying how yummy it was.

Who is this child and where has he been?

Today he ate 1/4 of a broccoli head and had not stopped eating ALL day long. Hallelujah!! It's like angels are singing. He ate half a mango which he has not even touched in over a year. Also ate some tortilla chips. I was in Heaven watching him eat things he normally won't even touch.

I hope I don't jinx this but I am loving watching my child eating so much. Makes me so happy to hear my boy tell me he is hungry and actually eat his food.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Love family and friends

The other night I decided to have a girl night with my cousin so I went out to dinner with her in downtown Ogden. We had Costa Vida while talking for at least 2 hours. After that we walked over to a new cupcake place in the area which was pretty good. I had such a fun night, it was much needed and totally made me feel young again to get dressed up and go out for the night. I love my cousin so much she is one of the few people who truly know me and get my crazy.

The next day I went down to my best friends house. She has gone thru so many trials in this life, it's so not fare. I swear she is such a strong woman and so inspirational. I got to hang out with her for a few hours while holding her precious little boy and Mookie played with her son. He had so much fun, this morning he woke up asking to take him to Jackson's house to play with him.

Afterwards he headed even farther down to my SIL house and had even more fun talking and watching the kids playing all together. All the cousins are just getting so big it's crazy.

All in all I have enjoyed the last few days getting to have some good time with some amazing women.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Talked to the office

So yesterday after work I went to the office of our apartment complex to let them know I got the cops called on. They were shocked!

I told them my neighbor told the cops that he had complained to the office about our noise level and that they had done nothing so that's why he called the cops. The lady at the office told me that was a lie. They have never received a complaint about us. She could not believe he called about my son making noise. She said she will be calling them and sending them a letter letting them know what living noise are because clearly he is confused and if he doesn't like the noise then tough cause that's apartment living. She even told me it doesn't matter if my son happens to be awake at 2am and is playing around making noise that is called living noise. The only noise they can do something about is a party or something like that.

Well that made me feel good to know that we won't get in trouble for the noise my son makes.

It's like Mookie knew and understood everything going on cause the second we got home he started jumping around screaming and then banging on the bathroom door the whole time I took a shower. I am sure they appreciated that, haha. I will no longer be hashing my child and telling him to not be too loud.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another cop story

And a douchebag neighbor story....

Our neighbor right below us have been for the past 2 months hitting their ceiling whenever we breath. I am death serious. I do not know what is wrong with these people but I have come to the conclusion that they are miserable people and want everyone else around to be just as miserable.

When they first moved in the husband would tell me how my cat was taunting his dog. He would tell me this every single time he saw me. I jus laughed it off every time he told me cause y cat weights about 15lbs and his dog weights about 50lbs so there is not reason your dog should get scared from my cat.

2 months ago he started hitting the ceiling an the first few times it was so hard pictures from my walls fell down. Now the first time it ever happened it was at noon so I thought I was hearing things but shortly after that it was happening all the time. My son goes to bed before 10pm so any banging is happening before that. Normally it happens between 4-8pm.

Now last night around 6pm while Mookie and I were playing on the kitchen floor with some trains they started banging super loud for about 2 minutes straight. That just pissed me off but like always I didn't do anything about it. At 7:50pm we get a knock on the door and the police is out there asking if we have children in our house because they got a call about a child making too much noise. For real? I could not believe m ears. The cop tells us how there is nothing they can do but if they get a phone call they have to come out. The cops tells us that even after quiet hours unless we are having a house party there is nothing they can do.

I am so upset this jerkoff would call the cops for something so silly and waste their time instead of coming and knocking on my door but no now he has to make it awkward for every involved. He did tell the cop that he had already talked to the office but they had done nothing about it which I am not buying.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Potty training

Again Mookie has decided he no longer wants to wear diapers which is a very good thing. We have now gone almost 2 days with no accidents. Even at night time e is sleeping with an underwear on and not wetting the bed which is fantastic.

The only problem is in those 2 days he hasn't gone poop and now he needs to so he is asking for me to put a diaper on. This happens every time we try and potty train. He will hold it for day's and then get so backed up I have to give him Miralax for 3 days straight before he will go and then it's an explosion infant style.

I don't know what to do about this but I guess at some point we will figure it out.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our late Valentines date

We have had a pretty busy week so that added with the fact that on Tuesdays I am home all day without a car while Jon is at school until 9, we didn't get to go on a valentine's date. To tell you the truth I hate Valentines' Day I think it's dumb and only children should celebrate it.

My sweet husband came home from school with a card a flowers for me and a toy gift for Mookie. I of course being the horrible wife I am had nothing for him, not even dinner, well I did have chocolate covered strawberries. The flowers were beautiful but by the next morning they were dying. I got so pissed I told my husband not to get me flowers ever again for Valentines' total rip off.

Anyways I have been wanting to go to brunch for sometime to the Grand America. I love that place and their Sunday brunch is amazing, pricey but worth it. So we decided we would finally go on a date to have brunch. We got a babysitter and headed down to SLC. We had brunch which was yummy as always then we headed to the Gateway to watch a movie. Now we are on our way back home to celebrate my brother's birthday which was on Valentines' day.

All in all today has been an amazing day and I have truly enjoyed hanging out with my husband. Every time we hang out just the 2 of us I realize why I fell in love with this man. He complements me and makes me so happy. I haven't stopped laughing the whole times. I love you babe!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Got to spend the morning with just my Mookie. I love getting to pay all my attention just to him and getting to snuggle him all morning long.

I wanted to make sure we didn't just vege out all morning long so we made some crayon hearts which actually kept his attention for a long time so that will be something we will have to repeat. After they were done cooking and cooling off Mookie carried them everywhere with him worried Booboo would eat them. So cute. He kept on saying they were a surprise for his papa.

After that since Valentine's Day kinda sucked around here I decided I would make up for it by making some sugar cookies we could decorate and so we did and then Mookie ended up with frosting from head to toe, literally.

Now he is off to dreamland while I snuggle him and take in these beautiful moments that I am sure are not gonna last long enough. I love this little angel. He makes me the happiest mama in the world.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I can feel summer almost here

We took Mookie to pick out his swim trunks and some summer pool toys. I have never seen a kid more excited about this. It was actually pretty cute. He made sure we didn't forget to buy him his floaties. I didn't get all the toys I wanted since they haven't put everything out yet.

I cannot wait for summer to get here. This winter has sucked big time since we really didn't get enough snow to actually go out and play in. The hole winter Mookie would wake up asking if there was enough snow to make a snowman. Not once have I been able to say yes. Poor guy. So we have been stuck indoors all winter and we are ready to live mainly outdoors.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My run in with a cop

Last night on my way to drop my mom off at home I decided I wanted her to go to Walmart with me so I turned around and started to head to Walmart. At this point I see cops about a block and a half away but not on my lane (oh and this is a 5 lane road) so I figured my lane was opened. Then I see some cars slowing down and so I slow down one car starts talking to a cop and meanwhile the cop has a light wand is moving the wand around and I thought he meant to go around so I start to go around and then he jumps out in front of my car and screams "turn around or I'll put a bullet through your head" ummmmmm..........

I do not know how I didn't poop myself, honestly because to hear someone who carriers a gun for a job and has the authority to shot you it is a crazy feeling. All I thought was holy s**t I am a mom to the most beautiful little man and I cannot be shot to death for no reason.

I turned around meanwhile this douchebag is still yelling and cussin at me. I was left in completely shock and disbelief. I normally respect cops and support them very much as I know how dangerous their job is but this moron sure did a number on me. One jerk like this can truly ruin it for the rest of the cops and that why cops get a bad rap.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Now my turn

I am now deathly ill.

For real!

I told Jon it was good knowing him and he totally laughed at me but I wasn't joking.

It's like the black plague hit our house and what this sickness is its super bipolar cause one second I am freezing with uncontrollable chills the next second I am sweating more than I ever have and that's just part of it.

I am super sad I wasn't able to do my running today but I barely had enough energy to leave my bed today let alone run.

I hope tomorrow I wake up feeling tons better. If not drugs will be my friends.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week 1, Day 3

DONE! I am so proud of myself. Enough said, ha.

Last night I ended up having to take Mookie to the doctor's because I just felt like it was more than just a cold.

When we got there and the doctor listened to his tummy and noticed a lot of gas so she had him get an X-ray. Then she ordered a swap test to see if he has strep.

Turns out my poor boy is backed up big time so his stomach hurting and issues have to do with that so she told me to get Miralax. The weird thing is he has been pooping but I guess not enough. Poor thing. Then he has strep so she send us home with some antibiotics.

Today has been a little rough but we made it. Thank goodness I was already scheduled off for today cause all he has wanted is to snuggle me all day long.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


On Monday I took Baby to an indoor playground which I normally hate doing because of all the germs but we needed to kill some time.

After being there for some time a mom gets on a call with a doctor and starts telling the doctor her kids symptoms. The one child who was the "sickest" had been playing with Baby and some other kids for a while.

It took everything in me not to wanna yell at this woman. Why in the world are you out with sick children at a playground? Are people really that dumb? I mean no offense but I never take my child out while he is sick cause I would feel horrible if he got other kids sick. Clearly some parents don't care but you better believe next time I will not keep my mouth shut when I am in that same situation cause it sucks being woken up at 2:30am by being puked on and then noticing your child is on fire.

Now I am having to miss work to take care of my sick baby. Thank goodness my brother is pretty amazing and will go work for me.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Week 1, Day 2

My second day into my training for the 5k in March is done.

I am shocked at how good I feel.

Funny thing is I always heard how important shoes were and I always buy the "cute" sneakers. This time around Jon told me not to look at how cute but how comfortable. That was hard to do but I truly did pick the most comfortable shoes. My feet do not hurt nor do my shins hurt. That has never happened. I am super happy with my choice in shoes even though they are not "cute".

Train ride

Yesterday after work I was ready for bed which is no bueno since it was just Baby and I till about 8:30.

Since sleeping was not an option I decided to take Baby to McDonalds for an early dinner an for him to play there. We stayed for over an hour and then he was pretty ton with that so I was now left with nothing else but to go home which I didn't want to do. So....I looked up what time the next train was coming by and had just enough time to go home shower put some warm clothes on the both of us and make it to the train station.

We went down to Salt Lake City And met up with Jon. We had a blast walking around even though it was freezing. It was so pretty walking around the Gateway. Baby had a blast directing us where to go.

We walked back to the train station instead of taking TRAX. That was scary even for me who is from Philly, ha.

All in all we had an amazing night and I loved spending the evening with my 2 favorite men.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 1, Day 1

Oh my gosh does it feel good to run!

Today I did my Week 1, Day 1 of a "couch to 5k" program and it went better than expected. I haven't ran in so many years I thought I wasn't going to be able to finish the workout but I did.

I am so proud of myself! Can you tell?

So I will be doing the 5k in March and then I am now signed up to do a 36 mile bike ride in June so whether I want to or not I need to get in shape.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


My child is so weird.

No, really he is.

At least when it comes to eating.

I am now giving him 2 pediasures a day one in the morning one at night. That makes me feel good because I know he is getting the essentials his body needs to grow. Since I started doing this I haven't been stressing as much about him eating and somehow he now is more hungry all the time. He now asks for food every 3 hours.

However he is still super picky so he will only eat a few things.

Here is where my child is weird. He loves bananas (or bubanas as he calls them) peanut butter, milk and chocolate. This morning after breakfast he said he was hungry so I figured I will put all those things together and make a thick milkshake that we can eat as ice cream. I thought I would be the coolest mom ever. I made it and it turned out yummy but after he helped me make it he looked at it and said "that is yucky, ewwy" I asked him to try it and that was enough for him to throw a tantrum.

I am now so confused. He helped me make it and he loves all those things and some how all together is yucky. So after that he asked me to make him another snack. After an hour of trying to get him to eat/drink the milkshake I made him some cut up bananas with peanut butter and he ate them right up with a glass of milk. What in the world? I hope one day I can understand my baby with his eating ways.