Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our late Valentines date

We have had a pretty busy week so that added with the fact that on Tuesdays I am home all day without a car while Jon is at school until 9, we didn't get to go on a valentine's date. To tell you the truth I hate Valentines' Day I think it's dumb and only children should celebrate it.

My sweet husband came home from school with a card a flowers for me and a toy gift for Mookie. I of course being the horrible wife I am had nothing for him, not even dinner, well I did have chocolate covered strawberries. The flowers were beautiful but by the next morning they were dying. I got so pissed I told my husband not to get me flowers ever again for Valentines' total rip off.

Anyways I have been wanting to go to brunch for sometime to the Grand America. I love that place and their Sunday brunch is amazing, pricey but worth it. So we decided we would finally go on a date to have brunch. We got a babysitter and headed down to SLC. We had brunch which was yummy as always then we headed to the Gateway to watch a movie. Now we are on our way back home to celebrate my brother's birthday which was on Valentines' day.

All in all today has been an amazing day and I have truly enjoyed hanging out with my husband. Every time we hang out just the 2 of us I realize why I fell in love with this man. He complements me and makes me so happy. I haven't stopped laughing the whole times. I love you babe!

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