Thursday, February 23, 2012

Talked to the office

So yesterday after work I went to the office of our apartment complex to let them know I got the cops called on. They were shocked!

I told them my neighbor told the cops that he had complained to the office about our noise level and that they had done nothing so that's why he called the cops. The lady at the office told me that was a lie. They have never received a complaint about us. She could not believe he called about my son making noise. She said she will be calling them and sending them a letter letting them know what living noise are because clearly he is confused and if he doesn't like the noise then tough cause that's apartment living. She even told me it doesn't matter if my son happens to be awake at 2am and is playing around making noise that is called living noise. The only noise they can do something about is a party or something like that.

Well that made me feel good to know that we won't get in trouble for the noise my son makes.

It's like Mookie knew and understood everything going on cause the second we got home he started jumping around screaming and then banging on the bathroom door the whole time I took a shower. I am sure they appreciated that, haha. I will no longer be hashing my child and telling him to not be too loud.

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