Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Train ride

Yesterday after work I was ready for bed which is no bueno since it was just Baby and I till about 8:30.

Since sleeping was not an option I decided to take Baby to McDonalds for an early dinner an for him to play there. We stayed for over an hour and then he was pretty ton with that so I was now left with nothing else but to go home which I didn't want to do. So....I looked up what time the next train was coming by and had just enough time to go home shower put some warm clothes on the both of us and make it to the train station.

We went down to Salt Lake City And met up with Jon. We had a blast walking around even though it was freezing. It was so pretty walking around the Gateway. Baby had a blast directing us where to go.

We walked back to the train station instead of taking TRAX. That was scary even for me who is from Philly, ha.

All in all we had an amazing night and I loved spending the evening with my 2 favorite men.

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