Saturday, February 25, 2012

His eating!

I think when I tell people I have a picky eater they truly don't understand what I mean. My child has about 10 different thing he will eat and that's it. Lately he had lost interest in some of those things. Its so bad. I worry about him all day long and then it becomes a struggle and a control issue. I have prayed, cried, screamed, bribed you get the point. The only way I can get him to eat veggies is by putting purée into pancake mix. I no longer knew what to do so I just kept the normal things he will eat in the fridge at all times and gave up on trying to feed him anything else. I started giving him 2 pediasures a day to make up for the differences in nutrition.

This week I have been beyond shocked. Something has happened. The first major thing was that all of a sudden after 4 months of refusing mac'n'cheese he asked me to make him some. I could not believe my ears and just figured I would cook it and then he would say "yuck" but I was wrong he ate a bowl full. I just thought that was a one time thing but after that he ate amazing for his babysitter to the point she was shocked too. Then on Thursday he woke up saying that he eats "carrots, vegetables and broccoli" he told me he needed to eat those things to be big and strong and "punch everyone out". I am worried about that last part but if that gets him to eat more by all means he can think he will "punch everyone out". Then Friday he asked me to feed him broccoli I almost passed out. While eating it he kept on saying how yummy it was.

Who is this child and where has he been?

Today he ate 1/4 of a broccoli head and had not stopped eating ALL day long. Hallelujah!! It's like angels are singing. He ate half a mango which he has not even touched in over a year. Also ate some tortilla chips. I was in Heaven watching him eat things he normally won't even touch.

I hope I don't jinx this but I am loving watching my child eating so much. Makes me so happy to hear my boy tell me he is hungry and actually eat his food.

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