Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My run in with a cop

Last night on my way to drop my mom off at home I decided I wanted her to go to Walmart with me so I turned around and started to head to Walmart. At this point I see cops about a block and a half away but not on my lane (oh and this is a 5 lane road) so I figured my lane was opened. Then I see some cars slowing down and so I slow down one car starts talking to a cop and meanwhile the cop has a light wand is moving the wand around and I thought he meant to go around so I start to go around and then he jumps out in front of my car and screams "turn around or I'll put a bullet through your head" ummmmmm..........

I do not know how I didn't poop myself, honestly because to hear someone who carriers a gun for a job and has the authority to shot you it is a crazy feeling. All I thought was holy s**t I am a mom to the most beautiful little man and I cannot be shot to death for no reason.

I turned around meanwhile this douchebag is still yelling and cussin at me. I was left in completely shock and disbelief. I normally respect cops and support them very much as I know how dangerous their job is but this moron sure did a number on me. One jerk like this can truly ruin it for the rest of the cops and that why cops get a bad rap.

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