Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Another cop story

And a douchebag neighbor story....

Our neighbor right below us have been for the past 2 months hitting their ceiling whenever we breath. I am death serious. I do not know what is wrong with these people but I have come to the conclusion that they are miserable people and want everyone else around to be just as miserable.

When they first moved in the husband would tell me how my cat was taunting his dog. He would tell me this every single time he saw me. I jus laughed it off every time he told me cause y cat weights about 15lbs and his dog weights about 50lbs so there is not reason your dog should get scared from my cat.

2 months ago he started hitting the ceiling an the first few times it was so hard pictures from my walls fell down. Now the first time it ever happened it was at noon so I thought I was hearing things but shortly after that it was happening all the time. My son goes to bed before 10pm so any banging is happening before that. Normally it happens between 4-8pm.

Now last night around 6pm while Mookie and I were playing on the kitchen floor with some trains they started banging super loud for about 2 minutes straight. That just pissed me off but like always I didn't do anything about it. At 7:50pm we get a knock on the door and the police is out there asking if we have children in our house because they got a call about a child making too much noise. For real? I could not believe m ears. The cop tells us how there is nothing they can do but if they get a phone call they have to come out. The cops tells us that even after quiet hours unless we are having a house party there is nothing they can do.

I am so upset this jerkoff would call the cops for something so silly and waste their time instead of coming and knocking on my door but no now he has to make it awkward for every involved. He did tell the cop that he had already talked to the office but they had done nothing about it which I am not buying.

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