Thursday, February 2, 2012


My child is so weird.

No, really he is.

At least when it comes to eating.

I am now giving him 2 pediasures a day one in the morning one at night. That makes me feel good because I know he is getting the essentials his body needs to grow. Since I started doing this I haven't been stressing as much about him eating and somehow he now is more hungry all the time. He now asks for food every 3 hours.

However he is still super picky so he will only eat a few things.

Here is where my child is weird. He loves bananas (or bubanas as he calls them) peanut butter, milk and chocolate. This morning after breakfast he said he was hungry so I figured I will put all those things together and make a thick milkshake that we can eat as ice cream. I thought I would be the coolest mom ever. I made it and it turned out yummy but after he helped me make it he looked at it and said "that is yucky, ewwy" I asked him to try it and that was enough for him to throw a tantrum.

I am now so confused. He helped me make it and he loves all those things and some how all together is yucky. So after that he asked me to make him another snack. After an hour of trying to get him to eat/drink the milkshake I made him some cut up bananas with peanut butter and he ate them right up with a glass of milk. What in the world? I hope one day I can understand my baby with his eating ways.

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