Saturday, February 18, 2012


Got to spend the morning with just my Mookie. I love getting to pay all my attention just to him and getting to snuggle him all morning long.

I wanted to make sure we didn't just vege out all morning long so we made some crayon hearts which actually kept his attention for a long time so that will be something we will have to repeat. After they were done cooking and cooling off Mookie carried them everywhere with him worried Booboo would eat them. So cute. He kept on saying they were a surprise for his papa.

After that since Valentine's Day kinda sucked around here I decided I would make up for it by making some sugar cookies we could decorate and so we did and then Mookie ended up with frosting from head to toe, literally.

Now he is off to dreamland while I snuggle him and take in these beautiful moments that I am sure are not gonna last long enough. I love this little angel. He makes me the happiest mama in the world.