Thursday, February 9, 2012

Week 1, Day 3

DONE! I am so proud of myself. Enough said, ha.

Last night I ended up having to take Mookie to the doctor's because I just felt like it was more than just a cold.

When we got there and the doctor listened to his tummy and noticed a lot of gas so she had him get an X-ray. Then she ordered a swap test to see if he has strep.

Turns out my poor boy is backed up big time so his stomach hurting and issues have to do with that so she told me to get Miralax. The weird thing is he has been pooping but I guess not enough. Poor thing. Then he has strep so she send us home with some antibiotics.

Today has been a little rough but we made it. Thank goodness I was already scheduled off for today cause all he has wanted is to snuggle me all day long.

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