Friday, June 29, 2012

Old friends

My really good friend Erika, who 10 months ago moved across the world to the Philippines for her husbands job is in town on vacation. I could not be happier and am glad I was one of the first people to get to hang out with them.

We decided to meet at Lagoon so the kids could have a blast. And a blast they had and so did we grown up. I love this family so much!

Did I mention she left a few weeks after having a baby? So I finally got to see him not so little and I am in love. He is precious and allowed me to hold him and carry him around. I was in heaven, could really gobble him up.

We did a lot of catching up ad even got dinner at the one restaurant we always went to with them. Gosh I miss them living near us so much.

Funny story....Mookie is completely in love with their daughter and he was really laying it on thick. After we swam she put on her clothes and he goes "you look beautiful in your princess dress" we all about died laughing. He tried hugging her about a million times and then I caught him in pictures trying to hold her hand to which she wanted nothing to do with. Funniest thing! He was pretty sad that she was not falling for him.

Another little thing I wanna write down. Of course as soon as I saw Erika I ran and hugged her forever. Love and miss that girl. Then I saw get little girl and ran up to her to give her a hug and she was pretty shy at first so I picked her up and gave her a hug and she ten started hugging me. Then I put her down and I got to her level and I asked her "do you remember me?" she said yes then I told her "I have missed you honey" and then she said me too. Ahhh...yes melted my heart.

So I am writing this post as I try to avoid cleaning however I am having a babysitter come here tomorrow to watch Mookie so I better stop writing and get back to cleaning.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Way too hot

The weather has been weird this while year so far.

It will be freezing one day the next will be super hot. It just cannot make up its mind. However just this weeks it has been pretty consistent. HOT!!! One day it was even the same temperature as it was in Palm Springs where our family lives. Craziness.

I have been avoiding having to go outside because I am afraid of sunburn and dehydration. By late afternoon though Mookie is ready to go crazy being stuck inside so we have been spending the evenings outside.

One day we bought our favorite neighbors a birthday cake since she was turning 62. We sat out front her balcony eating cake, talking, playing and then Mookie throwing up as he worked himself up too much an the was the ending since he has this nasty cough with phlegms. He just threw up phlegms which was good.

We have also played with water balloons and this actually kept him entertained for about an hour. Then we headed to the playground once the sun was down. The playground has become a must every night.

Today Jon took Mookie out to play catch. Jon's dream come true honestly. It was so cute walking outside and watching my boys play catch. As a mom of course I think Mookie is one talented boy so we cannot wait till next year when we can sign him up for t-ball.

Summer so far has been a blast!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Mango coconut oatmeal

Ever since getting on weight watchers (which I admit I do on and off) I realized I needed to have a breakfast low on points but that would fill be up enough to last me till my snack. Oatmeal is one of those few things that will fill me up good. So I have started experimenting with putting different fruits and spices and things in my oatmeal to see what I like most.

My favorite are a pumpkin oatmeal, apple butter oatmeal and banana oatmeal.

This week I ordered my bountiful basket and ordered 8lbs of mango with it. So clearly I needed to do something about making sure I used all the mango up before it goes bad since they are super ripen.

I have been seeing on Pinterest a bunch of overnight oatmeal recipes with mango in them but I still haven't ventured into trying those out. So I made my oatmeal the old-fashion way and just added the things I had.

It turned out delicious ad only 7 points for the whole bowl!

Mango Coconut Oatmeal

1/2 cup oatmeal
1 cup water
1 champagne mango
2 tbsp sweetened shredded coconut
1 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp milk

-combine the oatmeal and water
-follow package instructions to cook oatmeal
-while the oatmeal is cooking peel and dice the mango
-take bowl out of microwave and pour sugar in and mix
-then mix in the mango and coconut
-once all mixed in pour the milk over the top

Super yummy and easy!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crazy fun day

Today started early for me.

I woke up at 6 to have enough time to eat, shower and clean a little before heading off to the vets office for Booboo to get put under and checked out. All night long I felt horrible for Booboo cause she barely slept I could tell she was in pain and her mouth smelled horrible. So I was glad she was getting checked out. I took her in and they gave her a shot to put her under and told me to come back in 3 hours.

So off I went to my cousins to hang out for those 3 hours with her. Had a blast at her house as always talking and laughing the whole time.

Finally went and pick Booboo up and the doctor tells me that she had 8 absence teeth. Yeah people 8! Holy cow! I felt horrible immediately however he told me this is normal with small dogs specially chihuahuas. She was a bleeding, drunk mess. Poor thing broke my heart to see her like that. I took her to my moms house for her to take care of Booboo while I went to my eyelash appointment.

While at my eyelash appointment I was there to get a refill however she was not able to do it since the glue the first girl I had do them must be the most powerful glue on the planet she was not able to get some eyelashes off and I had ripped out some last night. So me pulling them out along with her having to cut my real eyelash to get the old stuff off didn't leave me with very many real eyelashes to glue the extension on to. Which meant I was no longer getting eyelash refill anymore but instead getting them taken off. Sad day but I feel free. Now I look horrible but who cares.

After that I went and got Mookie and took him to Tita's house because he has been asking me to take him so that he can pull out the vegetables. So today was the day. He had so much fun doing that. While there I went inside my moms house for the first time in over a year. Only reason I did it was to go check on my poor brother who is barely able to walk today. Poor guy breaks my heart. Love him.

Then finally I drove home after Jon was done studying. We gathered our bikes and went on a family bike ride of about 18 miles. It was the perfect weather for a bike ride. Not too cold and not too hot just right. What a great way to finish a good day.

Booboo is now eating some things which is good and she looks a lot better plus her swelling has gone way down. I am hoping she starts feeling a lot better soon.

Now off to dreamland. Today will be another busy day in which work will be involved.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Car accident

My day didn't start out that great considering Mookie woke up at 3am asking for food and that his eye hurt. He kept me up for about 30 minutes before I gave up and got him some cereal and gave him my phone since he wanted to watch a show. So because I didn't go to sleep till late and got woken up I was kinda cranky this morning.

As I am driving to work I am thinking and hoping I can get done with prep at the store early enough so I can take my sick dog to the vet.

I get to work and start for the day. Wednesday's I work with my brother and today he was coming in about an hour later since he had worked the night before doing some prep.

At 10:30 I call my brother to see if he is on his way and his phone went straight to voicemail which was weird so I call my mom to make sure he has left and she said he had left like 15 minutes before. I again call my brother and this time there was just no answer. About 2 minutes later my mom calls me and tells me to call my brother he has been in a car accident and they are taking him to the hospital but she couldn't really understand him. I call h again just to find out what hospital. He sounded bad.

My brother is a pretty tough person and can tolerate high amounts of pain.

Hearing him speak got me worried he really could barely speak so I asked to speak to a paramedic who got on and just told me where they were taking him. In a matter of less than 15 minutes I had someone coming to cover me for the day and I was on my way to the hospital.

I don't think I stopped praying the whole time and I really don't think know how I made it to the hospital so fast because I was not speeding.

Seeing my brother in the shape he was in broke my heart. I love my brothers so much and they have already had a hard life and this is just the beginning of their trials and then this. Well makes me sad.

When the cop came to the hospital he told my brother he was surprised my brother made it out alive. My brother doesn't remember anything really but the cop told him what happened. Will was at a red light and some lady drive rear ended him going 50mph. My brothers car was lifted into the air before landing on a different lane and the ladies car coming to a stop about 5 yards from where my brother was stopped at. Thank goodness he always wears his sit belt. It probably saved him. The lady who hit him broke her windshield with her head.

I swear an angel was watching over my brother today. They did a CAT scan and took X-rays of his neck and back. They said everything looked ok but my poor brother is in so much pain. Poor guy honestly was in so much pain. He kept on laughing while I drove him to get meds and I asked what was funny and he told me that he was laughing to keep from crying cause the pain was too much. They gave him morphine at the hospital which did nothing for him but thank goodness the prescription they send him home with did relief some of the pain so he has been able to sleep.

Things like this though make you realize how important and special people truly are and how we should never take a moment for granted.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Something is happening with my dog. She either is loosing teeth cause of old age or she has an infection in her mouth. I just noticed today that she has barely touched the food I put out the other day. Today I tried feeding her some soft food and she tries to eat it but the second she tries to bite it much hurt cause she screams and drops the food. Broke my heart. I looked in her mouth well she barely let me but she is missing a tooth.

I cannot afford a vet bill but need to take her in.

I told Jon after Booboo goes no more pets till we are all settled in life and making enough money to pay for vet bills.

Just the thought of her getting old and closer to dying makes me break down in tears. I have had her for 9 years and for 3 of those she was my only true companion. Plus she was my baby for 6 of those years. I don't like this part of being a dog owner.

Well enough venting. Time for bed. Hopefully I can find a cheap enough vet tomorrow.

Father's Day

I suck and didn't post this yesterday and am just now getting to write it even though we did nothing special for father's day.

I got my husband his gift a month ago since that's when it was on special and since my husband does not like surprises that's what I always do. Someday I will actually surprise him ad probably give him a heart attack.

Mookie and I spend father's day at the pool for most of the day since Jon kicked us out of the house, haha. He really did but only because he had a test that took him 4 hours to finish that was due that night. What a way to spend father's day.

I did make us a yummy breakfast for the first time in a long time which Jon actually enjoyed.

I asked Jon what he wanted for dinner and he just said to go out that way the house wouldn't become a mess. Of course I was all game for that so off we went to Texas Roadhouse which was amazing service and delicious food. First time we had ever gone.

Ok so I just have to talk about my wonderful husband for a minute.

So honestly when I met this man all the stars must have aligned because not only is he a great husband but and even better father to our child. Mookie just loves him to pieces and their is no one that will ever measure up to his papa. Jon is the most loving, patient, understanding father alive oh and did I mention how fun he is. Yeah we have a blast on a daily basis with him.

I truly am one lucky woman to have found a man who is such an amazing father and example to our little man.

Love you babe. You make every other dad look bad, ha, really!

These pictures are from Christmas but it describes what normally is happening at our house with these 2.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Family bike ride

We finally got my bike fixed up and ready to go so we decided to go on a bike ride as a family.

It was a beautiful evening to go biking. The sky was a beautiful shade of pink, there was a nice breeze, we saw horses, goats, donkeys, cows and tons of beautiful gardens.

I am in love with the trail right by our house!

We rode about 10 miles. I really am enjoying bike riding, it is such a fun way to get some exercise into my life and does not hurt as much as running.

After our bike ride as we drove to the gas station to get some frozen yogurt our favorite song White Dress by Ben Rector came on the radio. It was a perfect way to end our family night.

Friday, June 15, 2012


Well this year Mookie got spoiled and got a season pass to Lagoon which is an amusement park that is about 30 minutes from us. I am so grateful to his grandparents who got him this. We had been wanting to do that this year to get him used to going on rides in case in the near future we can somehow afford to go to Disney he will actually go on things.

I have gone twice so far with just Mookie and I and have had a blast. This boy loves getting on ride. Except for roller coasters. There are two that he is big enough to go on and last year we got him to go on both but it must have been a traumatizing experience cause this year the second we get close to them he flips. I am kinda sad cause I was looking forward to going on roller coasters with him.

Yesterday was out family day so we Jon came with us for the first time and we also went to the water part for the first time this year. I have decided the only thing that is fun at the water park to do with kids is the lazy river everything else sucks. They do have slides for kids but Mookie was not all that interested maybe next time. We were on the lazy river for about 2 hours. My friend Ashley came with her little girl so we had fun chatting while floating around.

Around 4 we decided to change and get ready for the other part of the park. I noticed Mookie was kinda warm but I thought it was because of being in the sun. After a while he became super lethargic and going in and out of sleep. I once again just past it off as tiredness. After we were done eating we tried to get him on some rides and he refused to get on his favorite rides that's when I realized something was wrong. We left and came home, I took his temperature and he was running a fever of 101.8. I feel horrible when he gets sick. To make things worse he is now refusing to take medicine so I had to become mean mami. His fever went down, thank goodness.

We woke up this morning and he had no fever and is acting totally fine like nothing ever happened. What in the world? Weird.

All in all had a good time at Lagoon! Mookie apparently did too cause this morning he woke up asking if we were going to Lagoon today.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wednesday night, bike night?

So I had said Wednesday nights would be bike nights right? My friend Anne and I did it last week and we were both planning for this week.

I got home from work tool a shower and put on my biking clothes that y sweet Aunt had send with Jon. I was looking pretty good, ha. I had send Jon to get a tube for my bike since last week I got a flat. Jon gets home an realizes he bought the wrong tube so back out his goes. Mind you this is a bike tube that you can only buy at the bike shop which happens to be 20 minutes away. He comes home with 2 of them. Perfect I am getting super excited! Then the first tube gets a hole since Jon didn't check for any more prickly things on the tire. Then as he is putting in the second one he pops it with the bike tool. I was so disappointed. My night was officially ruined.

In an attempt to not have my night completely ruined I put on my running pants and Jon and Mookie joined me at the trail for a walk. We ended up having a great time together. I think after Jon being gone for a few dad Mookie really needed this time with papa. He truly had a blast.

We were going to try and get some snow cones for the first time this year but by the time we were done it was too late. I guess we will have to go another time.

Well I hope next Wednesday I am able to actually get out on my bike with my friend and once again have an adventure and great conversation.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

He's back!

Well my husband was gone for 5 days as he flew out to California to be with his family during this hard time. I was glad he was able to go and happy to stay back and keep everything under control or so I thought.

However it is super hard doing it all on my own. To tell you the truth there wasn't much I had to do either but still hard.

I gotta say I had respect for single moms before but I now truly have major respect for you guys. Do not know how any single mom does it. I would be in the crazy house. For real!

Maybe it's because Jon has been here from day 1 and has never spend a day away from us since Mookie was born but he was acting up, big time. He threw a tantrum every morning for about 30-60 minutes over anything. He peed the bed 4 out of 5 nights. Would argue with me about everything including colors. Was super mean to everyone around oh and the best part got naked at the playground in front of a bunch of people. Honestly craziness!

My poor brother was the one that took him to the playground when he got naked so he was super embarrassed. I asked Mookie why he got naked and he said "but mom I wanna play naked" In a way I am glad I wasn't out there cause some moms got super offended about it and made comments, rolled their eyes and left the park with their kids. People are too darn sensitive, really. Who like wearing clothes anyways not only that but my boy has some type of hypersensitivity cause he can't get a drop of water or fluid on his clothes before they are off and the second we walk in the house everything comes off.

Anyways.....I am always all over the place on my thoughts but thank goodness my husband is back I feel whole again. I love my man. Told him he can never leave us again. It's just too hard without him. I was not a very nice mami.

Mookie told him he was sad with him cause he was scared he was going to leave us again. How sad is that? At night time he kept asking "papa you not gonna leave, right?" broke my heart.

Pictures from last night and today. I love my little family.

Friday, June 8, 2012


My dear husband grandmother has suffered a stroke yesterday morning.

Completely broke my heart hearing my husband cry in such a way I had never heard. That man loves his grandma too much and looks up to her in so many ways. To tell you the truth though I don't know how anyone could not just fall in love with her.

I have only been in this family for 6 years but this woman has shown me nothing but unconditional love from day one. I feel like she is also my grandmother and she truly is. Love her to pieces. She is the happiest most lively person I have EVER met in my life and just a few weeks ago when I saw her she told me how I need to take on my trials while being positive cause there is just no other way.

My husband has flown out to be with his family and was able to see his grandmother. He said it was a very emotional thing to do. However she was able to squeeze his hand. Thank you Lord!

As today went on my husband again saw her and she totally knows who he is. She wink at him and all, that's so her. She always winked at me.

I hope and pray that I can become more and more like grandma. What a great example she is to all that know her. She loves live like I have never seen someone love it. She will talk to anyone and try to get to know them. Love her!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Wednesday nights

I have decided from now on every Wednesday night I will be going biking for at least 90 minutes. That way I am getting my adrenaline fix which my therapist recommended and also getting some exercising and training my body to hopefully be able to do a 50 mile bike ride by the end of summer.

Well last night was my first night doing this. The plan was to get to the trail and ride for an hour just to get used to it. We ended up riding till it came to a dead end then turning around. It's 10 miles till it dead ends then we rode 2 miles back before I got a flat. I asked my friend if she wanted to call for a ride home but we were having a fun time talking that we decided to just keep walking. So we walked about 3 miles till it got dark then we called for a ride.

We had the best time! We talked about everything, she fell which scared me but she was laughing, we saw creepy people disappear into thin air and got freaked out specially since it was around a questionable spot and we laughed like crazy. Honestly best night I have had in a long time.

Cannot wait for next week to see what awaits us. Next time I am taking my mountain bike so it's less chance of getting a flat.

This is amazing therapy really. I came home and had tons of patience for my child and it had even carried on to today. I also feel super energized which is always good. Totally loving this so far. The good thing is I have someone that will join me every Wednesday night, woohoo!

I am going to try and get a picture every time I go since its beautiful views. Here is the one for this week.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A year ago

Well a year ago my little "happy" life came crumbling down. Everything I had worked so hard to hide from the rest of the world and tried to show was no more.

My father decided all on his own to completely ruin mine and his relationship for good to the point of no repair, he also decided to ruin my relationship with my mother and my one bother all in the matter of probably seconds or maybe minutes who knows. What I do know is that he is a selfish person for taking it on himself to do this to our family.

I took all the beatings and verbal abuse while under his authority however the second I got married and had a child he no longer was in control of me. I believe he hated not being in control of me and the fact that I could say and do what I pleased. I believe a year ago when he put his hands on me for the last time in his life he did it to show me he still had control over me. What a sorry excuse of a man.

Going through that has made me open my eyes so much in so many ways. I know realize how dysfunctional my whole life had been, how hypocritical my parents were, how horribly judgmental they were my whole life, how un-Christ like they are. It opened my eyes to how the LDS church really works.

After what my father did I made a HUGE mistake and didn't call the cops of my father I should have and that is the only regret I have in my life. I however thought that when he and my mother went and spoke with their bishop he would be put on probation or at least have his temple recommend taken away. None of that happened. I was completely shocked. Devastated! Completely left to fill like I was not important. My thoughts were, how dare the church allow abusers continue allowing him to teach and go to the temple? The temple people. One of the most sacred places on earth. How can such filth go in there? Then to top it off I go and ask for help from my bishop and the first thing he asks is why we aren't paying tithing. Really? First time I have ever talked to you and this is what you bring up? How about the fact that my husband is inactive but no that wasn't good enough because I needed to somehow convince him otherwise or I was an accomplice to it. Are you shitting me? So that right the made it all clear for me. The reason my father can go to the temple is because he pays tithing I however can't even ask for mental help from the church unless I pay tithing let alone go to the temple. Ok, ok, so as long as I pay my tithing I can be a horrible human being and still be considered a worthy member of the church. Wow my eyes were opened wide. I have not stepped a foot in church since the day I went in to ask for help from my bishop. Major fail. And this is a "man called of God" I refuse to believe that.

Funny how things work though. My relationship with my Heavenly Father has never been better. My relationship with my husband has become so much better. I have tried my hardest to become the best mother I can be through begging my Heavenly Father for help everyday. I truly know that my Heavenly Father loves me and knows what I go through every single day of my life. I talk to him more regularly than ever. He is the only Father I will ever need and I cannot wait till I get to heaven and get to how him the biggest hug and show him the person I have become.

I can now see why it was that I needed to go through all of this. I was the person who Heavenly Father knew could make it through it. I am no longer the person I was a year ago and for that I am thankful. I was not a good person then, I am now trying to better myself and that is why we are here on earth.

I cherish my baby more every day because of the trials I had to go through and will make sure he doesn't have to go through this.

I have only spoken to my father once as he asked to speak to me so I had him meet me at my therapist office. That was another eye opening moment. This man is not okay in his head. He basically told me he wanted me to forget about everything and move forward with a relationship with him. Over my dead body. I read to him the conditions in which I would have contact with him but he doesn't believe he needs help. Crazy I tell you. Then he proceeded to tell my therapist how when I was a teenager I was super ungrateful, left me speechless. I have yet to meet a grateful teenager. However I didn't think I was as ungrateful as he made me seem but who knows maybe I was. Then he told the therapist how he has never gotten a thank you from me for everything he did for me like move me to the states work to buy food and clothes. By this point my therapist was doubt founded didn't know what to say. I didn't get the memo that you have to thank your parents for feeding you and clothing you. I have always said how grateful I am that we moved to the states don't know what else to say. I didn't choose to be born though. Him and my mom chose to have sex and make a child and that child just so happened to be me. Once you make that choice you are kinda stuck with that child and now it's your responsibility to feed them and dress them. I was so confused as to what his logic is but there just is non. I went into that meeting hoping for the best but expecting the worse so I wasn't too disappointed as I got what I was expecting. Sad to say I will probably never have a relationship with him. However he doesn't care so I am trying to not feel sad about this. It's his loss that he doesn't get to have this amazing person (haha) in his life or his precious grandbaby. He sure is missing out. We aren't though, missing out cause thank the good Lord above he has given me amazing friends and family to help me out and push me along and all love is no matter what.

Life is funny sometimes or sad but things really do get figured out eventually. I love my life now!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Mookie is away at his cousins for a sleepover which makes me super sad because I love hanging out with that boy however there is no way that I could ever say no to him cause he absolutely loves his cousins. I am also so grateful that my sister in law is crazy enough to offer having a sleepover at her house. God bless her!

Now I am left with nothing to do. I need to plan this out more in advance. So I have been on pinterest looking for 4th of July decoration ideas which I have found plenty of. However that is not what this post is about.

When I first joined pinterest I really enjoyed it. It was super clean. Mind you I am pretty liberal when it comes to nudity, don't normally mind it. However I have had to stop following some people because of the things the pin. Totally inappropriate! Not only that but just the other day I type in marriage and had a whole bunch of pornographic images come up. How sad!?! Why can't it just be clean fun. But no someone had to go ruin it. I with there was a way to report those people. The thing though was that other people were commenting on those pictures like it was no big deal. Now if I going out there and looking for porn on my own that's one thing but on pinterest? For real? I not judging people but maybe just maybe that should be kept on your own personal computer files. Why share that?

Anyways.....those are my 2 cents on that. Can you tell I am bored and have nothing better to do? Ahhhhhh!!!! I miss my baby boy too much. Now off to convince my husband to take me out to eat cause who really ever wants to cook? Not me, ever.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Loving this weather

The last 2 days have been amazing, weather wise which always makes for a good days since they are mostly spent outdoors.

I am so grateful that we live at a complex that has not one but 2 pools.

Since I gave birth to a fish a didn't realize it, it makes summers a blast. We are out there just about every day. Honestly my child could be in the water all day long no problem.

Yesterday I invited my cousin to come hang out with us and it was so much fun for me to have someone to talk to specially when its one of my all time favorite. When we got to the pool there was a 13 year old girl sitting next to us and Mookie started up a conversation with her. She must have fell in love with him cause for the next 3 hours she played with him and was like a "mommy" to him. Way too cute. I ended up paying her a few dollars for basically watching my kid the whole time.

Last night Mookie asked for me to invite his one friend over so I texted her mami. When I told Mookie her mami had said yes he jumped up and down while clapping his hands. He was super excited.

Today was fun also since Mookie had friends to play with and I had a mami friend to talk to. We were again out there for 2 hours straight.

I gotta say I better start bringing a hat cause I am getting quite dark and this year I wanted to try and stay as white ad possible. I use 50 SPF+ but still tan like its going out of style.

So far this summer Mookie can go in the big pool and swim with no help as log as he has his floaties. He has just learned to jump in the big pool with no one being there to catch him. Wonder what he will be doing by the end of summer.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What I love

I am so grateful that my husband and I decided when Mookie was born that we would be doing attach parenting and most importantly that we would have a family bed and be co-sleeping.

Now before anyone goes judging my husband or I, we believe every parent gets to make their own choices with how they will parent and you will never hear me judge you for your choices so don't judge us. Well unless you spank or hit then it's all game for me to judge since I am well aware if the mental issues that come later on in life from that.

I have and continue to truly enjoy and love having a family bed. Having an infant was the easiest thing on the planet since he was right next to me. As he gets older I realize how fast time goes by and how pretty soon it won't be "cool" sleeping with mami and daddy so I am trying to saver every minute.

I love the fact that he touches my hair at night, snuggles me all night and will request for me to snuggle him all night. He also kisses me tons before going to bed and tells me he loves me constantly.

This morning as I lay next to him he is sounding like a baby bear. I love it! Allergies are bad right now for everyone so that's why he is sounded like a bear but I swear it's the cutest thin on the planet. I get reminded every morning by just watching him sleep that he is an angel send to me. How lucky am I?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Little Red 2012

I did it!!!!

I can't even believe I am writing this and on the same day I did it.

I was kinda nervous that I wasn't going to finish all 36 miles.

We had a blast though. It was such a fun ride and even better to do it with a good friend. We talked the whole way so it made time go by super fast. Before I knew it we were almost done. That last mile or so is always hard.

I thought I would be out for the count as soon as I got home but I have tons of energy the only thing is my butt hurts but that is to be expected.

So doing this next year!