Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Way too hot

The weather has been weird this while year so far.

It will be freezing one day the next will be super hot. It just cannot make up its mind. However just this weeks it has been pretty consistent. HOT!!! One day it was even the same temperature as it was in Palm Springs where our family lives. Craziness.

I have been avoiding having to go outside because I am afraid of sunburn and dehydration. By late afternoon though Mookie is ready to go crazy being stuck inside so we have been spending the evenings outside.

One day we bought our favorite neighbors a birthday cake since she was turning 62. We sat out front her balcony eating cake, talking, playing and then Mookie throwing up as he worked himself up too much an the was the ending since he has this nasty cough with phlegms. He just threw up phlegms which was good.

We have also played with water balloons and this actually kept him entertained for about an hour. Then we headed to the playground once the sun was down. The playground has become a must every night.

Today Jon took Mookie out to play catch. Jon's dream come true honestly. It was so cute walking outside and watching my boys play catch. As a mom of course I think Mookie is one talented boy so we cannot wait till next year when we can sign him up for t-ball.

Summer so far has been a blast!

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