Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Mookie is away at his cousins for a sleepover which makes me super sad because I love hanging out with that boy however there is no way that I could ever say no to him cause he absolutely loves his cousins. I am also so grateful that my sister in law is crazy enough to offer having a sleepover at her house. God bless her!

Now I am left with nothing to do. I need to plan this out more in advance. So I have been on pinterest looking for 4th of July decoration ideas which I have found plenty of. However that is not what this post is about.

When I first joined pinterest I really enjoyed it. It was super clean. Mind you I am pretty liberal when it comes to nudity, don't normally mind it. However I have had to stop following some people because of the things the pin. Totally inappropriate! Not only that but just the other day I type in marriage and had a whole bunch of pornographic images come up. How sad!?! Why can't it just be clean fun. But no someone had to go ruin it. I with there was a way to report those people. The thing though was that other people were commenting on those pictures like it was no big deal. Now if I going out there and looking for porn on my own that's one thing but on pinterest? For real? I not judging people but maybe just maybe that should be kept on your own personal computer files. Why share that?

Anyways.....those are my 2 cents on that. Can you tell I am bored and have nothing better to do? Ahhhhhh!!!! I miss my baby boy too much. Now off to convince my husband to take me out to eat cause who really ever wants to cook? Not me, ever.

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