Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Car accident

My day didn't start out that great considering Mookie woke up at 3am asking for food and that his eye hurt. He kept me up for about 30 minutes before I gave up and got him some cereal and gave him my phone since he wanted to watch a show. So because I didn't go to sleep till late and got woken up I was kinda cranky this morning.

As I am driving to work I am thinking and hoping I can get done with prep at the store early enough so I can take my sick dog to the vet.

I get to work and start for the day. Wednesday's I work with my brother and today he was coming in about an hour later since he had worked the night before doing some prep.

At 10:30 I call my brother to see if he is on his way and his phone went straight to voicemail which was weird so I call my mom to make sure he has left and she said he had left like 15 minutes before. I again call my brother and this time there was just no answer. About 2 minutes later my mom calls me and tells me to call my brother he has been in a car accident and they are taking him to the hospital but she couldn't really understand him. I call h again just to find out what hospital. He sounded bad.

My brother is a pretty tough person and can tolerate high amounts of pain.

Hearing him speak got me worried he really could barely speak so I asked to speak to a paramedic who got on and just told me where they were taking him. In a matter of less than 15 minutes I had someone coming to cover me for the day and I was on my way to the hospital.

I don't think I stopped praying the whole time and I really don't think know how I made it to the hospital so fast because I was not speeding.

Seeing my brother in the shape he was in broke my heart. I love my brothers so much and they have already had a hard life and this is just the beginning of their trials and then this. Well makes me sad.

When the cop came to the hospital he told my brother he was surprised my brother made it out alive. My brother doesn't remember anything really but the cop told him what happened. Will was at a red light and some lady drive rear ended him going 50mph. My brothers car was lifted into the air before landing on a different lane and the ladies car coming to a stop about 5 yards from where my brother was stopped at. Thank goodness he always wears his sit belt. It probably saved him. The lady who hit him broke her windshield with her head.

I swear an angel was watching over my brother today. They did a CAT scan and took X-rays of his neck and back. They said everything looked ok but my poor brother is in so much pain. Poor guy honestly was in so much pain. He kept on laughing while I drove him to get meds and I asked what was funny and he told me that he was laughing to keep from crying cause the pain was too much. They gave him morphine at the hospital which did nothing for him but thank goodness the prescription they send him home with did relief some of the pain so he has been able to sleep.

Things like this though make you realize how important and special people truly are and how we should never take a moment for granted.


Collin Deck said...

That sounded like a terrifying accident! You can just imagine the amount of pressure his body went through the moment the other car hit his at 50 mph, this considering that his car was at a standstill at that point. I agree with you that his wearing a seatbealt probably saved his life. Seeing your brother in a stretcher is definitely weakening. How is he now? Did your brother get any compensation for the accident? That would definitely come in handy for paying the medical bills.

@Collin Deck

Grayson Ford said...

Well, it’s certainly a blessing that your brother didn’t get any serious injury after getting hit by a car at 50mph! The troubling news is that the trauma of the accident can have a long-lasting effect. This is what’s sad about most car accidents: sometimes the people that get hurt the most are the innocent bystanders.

@Grayson Ford

Nannie Leick said...

I’m sincerely glad you’re brother survived. :) It sounded really terrible, considering the car was lifted in the air. How’s he doing now, by the way? On the other hand, I noticed you were thinking of a lot of things while driving Laura. Driving is never a good time to contemplate, even with the less stressful stuff.

-->Nannie Leick